My own Sliding Doors

Remember that scene in Sliding Doors where Gwyneth Paltrow ends up living 2 parallel lives? Two lives yet she is unable to express emotion in any of them. In fact her short-blond hair out acts her in every scene. Well in my parallel life I’m swooning around my Palm Springs Desert house dressed in a bright green kaftan and serving cocktails by the pool to the fabulous people that I’m entertaining.

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up watching Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin and Lucille Ball on television- but I’ve always loved that Californian glamour that Palm Springs evokes.

Palm Springs is in the Coachella Valley (home to the festival of Paris Hilton and other really important celebrities) and surrounded by mountains and deserts. It became a favourite getaway for Hollywood stars during the 1900’s. Imagine Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the Brat Pack talking movies in their leopard loafers and smoking cigars.

One thing I absolutely adore about Palm Springs is the architecture. The desert is a mecca for Mid Century homes. In fact it’s like a museum. The homes are mainly in an architectural style called Desert Modernism which took advantage of the sunny skies and arid desert. It featured expansive glass and streamlined design. The landscape, including rocks, palm trees and the like were often incorporated seamlessly into the design of the house.


The Kaufmann house.

Palm springs houses

The Kaufmann house as photographed by Slim Aarons.


The Jetsons-like Elrod house. Amazing!

Mid-Century Modern Architecture : The Movie Colony, Palm Springs, CA 92262

A perfect example of the flat roof and streamlined design.


The Frank Sinatra house.

mid-century2-palm springsI love the way the desert is perfectly framed in the background.

So what do you think? Can you picture yourself laying by the pool in a turban smoking slim cigarettes and sipping on a dry martini? Me too. X


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