Bags be gone- dahlink!

The other day I found myself at one of those glam beauty counters the Kmart cosmetics section- cause that’s just how I roll sometimes- looking for nothing in particular. I had some time to kill and I had already checked out the undies and socks for $2, stocked up on 5 million cotton ear buds for $1 and now I found myself looking at a very limited range of cosmetics along the Kmart wall. For some reason my Kmart beauty section always looks like it’s running out of everything- either that or Zoe Foster had just been through and bought 5 of everything!

So there I was singing along to whatever pop song was blaring through the speakers, and which coincidentally I knew all the words to and had the appropriate dance sequence to match. If anyone was watching those security cameras I can assure you they would’ve been thoroughly impressed.

Anyhoo- I caught my reflection in one of those little beauty mirrors and couldn’t believe I had been lugging around so much excess baggage! And by baggage, I mean bags- and not the cute Louis Vuitton kind. The ones under your eyes that make a panda look like a top model. Yeah that. That’s the look I was rocking while I was dancing around to Britney! Nice.

I did what any normal girl would do- I sampled all the testers of under eye concealers that had the words Illuminate, Diminish and Brighten!! I was like Goldilocks sampling the soup – too dry, too oily, too cheap. I must’ve looked like I desperately needed help because a lovely lady which I will call Svetlana came over to help me.

“Dahlink, can I help you?”

“Actually, yes please. I’d like a good under eye concealer. Look. Bags!” I reply.

“Oh Dahlink- let me si. Ahh yah, yah I si. Ok look- this no good, or this. Nothink vill do what it says. No diminish, no illuminate- nothink. You vant no bags- you must sleep and drink.” (I was hoping she meant drink vodka but I’m guessing not).

“But iff you vant somethink nice on eyes try this (passes me a little Australis tube of Colour Corrector). It is verry good for more mature skin like ours – you know- nott dryink. Very smooth. Feels nice.”

Okay- I looked past the fact that she put me in the same skin age group as herself because she was clearly 120 and channelling Zsa Zsa Gabor- but whatever. I tried the concealer on my wrist and yes it did feel very hydrating. Not dry on the skin like other concealers tend to feel.

“Dahlink- no, no! You must try on eyes. Bags are on eyes not hands.”

Yeah, no shit Sherlock. So I applied it under my eyes and am happy to report that yes it did provide a slight illuminating sheen. It went on smoothly and didn’t pull at the skin at all. The gold colour works as a corrector to combat dark circles. I also like the fact that it can be used as an illuminator for cheeks and brows too.

Australis Colour Corrector
RRP $10.95


This is the gold colour for dark circles. There is also a green toned concealer available to counteract redness.



It goes on very smoothly and doesn’t feel drying on the skin at all.


You can see that there is a slight illuminating sheen under the eye area. It covers the dark colour quite well without that cakey look some concealers have. My bags however are still present. I think I might take Svetlana’s advice and have a few drinks and a lie down. Cheers! X

*This was not a sponsored post.

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