Pop up School – Vintage Style


Have you ever thought about buying a vintage dress or skirt but it doesn’t quite fit? Too tight? Sleeves too long? Hem not quite right? Or do you love the fabric of a dress and want to turn it into something else? Then the Search And Rescue Vintage Style workshop is for you!

The Search and Rescue vintage style workshop offers practical guidance about altering, embellishing, remodelling and styling vintage clothing so that it’s just right for you.”

It’s just one of the classes being offered at the Pop Up School in Melbourne and is being run by the oh-so talented Lysette Ashford.

Lysette’s love affair with vintage clothing started more than 30 years ago when interesting garments from the 1950’s were cheap and easy to come by at op shops. If they weren’t quite right, she would fix, alter or remodel them by hand or with the help of her mother’s old Singer sewing machine.
Lysette has worked in a number of creative fields including the costume department at Playbox Theatre and as assistant to a well-known Melbourne fashion designer. She has a keen eye for style and an understanding of colour, shape and line that she brings to remodelling clothes for any body.”


Lysette and I recently held our own little photo shoot where she was able to show me a few of her favourite vintage frocks. They all have a lovely story behind them and hold many dear memories. Check out our gallery:


Lysette in a circa 1958 cotton dress with a classic fitted bodice and big skirt. This dress was bought in Beaufort in Central Victoria from a second hand shop. The original owner bought it for the christening of her first child. Beautifully styled with vintage bag, gloves and doggie.


I love the Brady Bunch feel of this 70’s Cocktail dress. It’s made of crimplene with chiffon sleeves and features a stand out pink and yellow design.


This home made dress is made of silk brocade and is lined. It is circa late 60’s and Lysette acquired this stunning frock when she swapped it for some garments that no longer fit her.

Make sure you check out the Pop Up School if you’re in Melbourne and if you want to see some of Lysette’s other vintage goodies you can find them at Minette’s Vintage in Richmond. X

*Photography by Chrystal Lovevintage

*Styling and accessories by Lysette Ashford


    1. Amy Truslove

      Would love to! Am just setting up a ‘high tea’ section so maybe we can encorporate the two, and both your lovely models….. and maybe get Three ducks to provide the High tea! x

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