It’s getting hot in here…

Okay Melbourne- enough. Enough with this ridiculous point you’re trying to make. Yes, your weather is just as good at Sydney’s, but really? This heatwave has got to stop! It’s like there’s no air – I can’t breathe! I’m literally suffocating! It has to end.

So thanks Melbourne- thanks for the amazing Summer – in Autumn. Thanks for the endless heat and the excuse to have ice cream every night. But quite frankly I’ve had enough of seeing everyone in their short shorts and barely there dresses. I’m ready to put my jeans back on.

One of the only positives that has come from this heat – apart from the ice-cream- has to be the chance to try out a new anti-frizz product. As you’re probably all aware by now I have an inexplicable need to keep my tresses smooth at all times. Even in the heat and humidity.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using this AMAZING argan oil spray that is just so heavenly that it actually makes straight men comment on your hair (gay men too I’m sure, but they’re so much harder to impress!) It’s called ย Agadir Argan Oil.


This is what it does…


Here’s what my hair looked like after drying and straightening on a 37 degree day (I’m actually doing a mental shopping list in my head…)


And here’s a pic I took after I had braved the heat to go to the Farmer’s Market. Yay- relatively frizz free!


If you normally use the Argan oil, do yourself a favour and try this spray. It is so lightweight that you actually wonder if any product is on your hair. I spray a bit on while my hair is wet before I blow dry it. I find this helps to stop the *boofiness I usually get. After straightening I spray it all over my hair to tame the fly aways and give it a really nice sheen. Try it. You’ll love it. X

* a real term for a wog chick.

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