I went to the Op Shop and I bought…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my op shop finds. That’s not to say I haven’t been finding any it’s just that I haven’t found time to photograph them!

So today I’m sharing with you some of my most recent bargains. They’re all gorgeous, vintage and cost less than a cup of coffee around here!


I found this lovely singlet top that is from DJ designs Australia. I was instantly drawn to its vibrant colour and interesting patterns. I’m thinking it’s circa late 70’s. It’s 100% cotton and only cost me $3. Divine!

I also came across this 1940’s plastic clutch/bag/purse made by Plasticflex in America. These purses were big in the 40’s when plastic was the material de jour. It’s made from little square tiles of bakelite plastic that are held together by colourful leather straps. They come in a range of colours and designs and it’s always a buzz to find one in such perfect condition! This one set me back $8. Can you believe it?

The patent number on these bags was registered in 1942 by the Appel Apparel Co of Brooklyn New York- hence the apple logo on the label. These 1940’s Art Deco bakelite clutches come from the World War 2 era when American handbag manufacturers fought to find new materials to make clutch bags that were all the rage. All the leather and metal was being used for war production and as a result these fabulous bakelite bags were made.


Close up of the tiles and leather.


The red lining and label inside.

My next purchase was bought on a whim when I was shopping with a fellow op shop lover (hi Lysette). It looks to be a handmade dress that features a bandage style bottom half (think Herve Leger) and a silk top half. It has a zip at the back and gorgeous little shoulder padded sleeves. It was $8 but the lovely lady left it to me for $6. Incredible! It’s one of those ‘it looks better on’ type of dresses. I’m hoping to give it an outing during one of the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival events so I’ll post a pic of me wearing it. Toodles! X



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