The week that was.

Melbourne has been over run with glamazons, models and fashionistas the last few weeks as the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival hit town. This year I have pretty much lived the festival through my favourite fashion bloggers as I didn’t get a chance to attend many events. So you can imagine my excitement when my sister casually announced: Oh hey, I’m going to some meet and greet with that Greek fashion designer on Friday.
Me: Not Mary Katrantzou????????
Sis: Yeah, her.
(Quick note on my gorgeous sis- she doesn’t know her Louboutins from her loafers or her Pradas from her pumps. Which is why I love her so much. And probably why she is so effortlessly cool).

Back to Mary- after much pleading, negotiating and begging, sis managed to get me a ticket to see her at David Jones. *cue happy dance*. Much excitement followed and the big day finally arrived. To cut a long story short, this is how the events unfolded:

Sis (to David Jones girl): Hi, which way is the Mary Katrantzou event?
Girl: You mean her collection? It’s over here.
Sis: No, not her clothes. The event. It’s on today.
Girl: No, I’m sorry. Mary was here a few days ago. Not today.
Sis: *pulls out printout of ticket* Look, the date is today.
Girl: Ahh, yes. It is today. In Sydney.

No, sadly I’m not joking. True story.

Image of Mary Katranzou from Vogue
Image of Mary Katranzou from Vogue

I did however manage to get the dates right to see the gorgeous Ida Soud from Studio 941 when she held an event during LMFF. On display were her amazing silk scarves that she hand dyes. It takes her 2 days to complete a scarf and let me tell you, they are simply stunning! The night was held at FOG in Prahran and also showcased the beautiful evening dresses by Leiela. Here are some pics:








Another exhibition I had been meaning to check out for ages was Cheryl Lin’s The Little Black Dress Project which is a part of LMFF also. I’ve only met Cheryl a couple of times, but thanks to social media I feel like we are much closer than we really are. Not in a weird stalker way. At all. Really.

Cheryl is a blogger (among other things) who has taken her passion to great heights. She really is an inspiration- from blogging about styling a little black dress, to holding an exhibition during fashion week to publishing a book! She truly has shown me that if you follow your love for blogging great things can follow. I love seeing bloggers do good!

Everyone has a Little Black Dress (LBD) but how many different ways can it be styled for work and play? streetstyle photographer and stylist, Cheryl Lin, works in Finance and explored 52 different ways to style a LBD for work. View the exhibition for FREE at Melbourne Central and purchase a copy of the LBD Project book as a useful reference for yourself or Mother’s Day! Visitors who wear their own LBD to the exhibition have the chance to win their own autographed copy and style session with Cheryl Lin.

Here are some pics of the exhibition which feature different ways to style a black dress. Make sure you check it out next time you’re in town- located in Melbourne Central. But hurry- it ends this weekend!





My favourite look - very SJP!
My favourite look, very Sarah Jessica Parker!

You can check out Cheryl’s blog here –Β Busi Chic.

That was my week that was – hope yours was fun and fabulous too. X


  1. Dimi Frangoulis

    Amazing images love the black dress with the white scarf – Sarah J for sure – keep the blogs coming enjoy reading them xxx

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