Hello gorgeous things…

There’s nothing I love more than a lazy Saturday spent trawling through op shops and markets. Okay I lie- there is one thing I love more – lying on the couch in my flannels watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Miami/OC/Atlanta/Down Town New Dehli. Is it just me or does Vicki from Orange County look really sad this season. I mean the poor girl resorted to plastic surgery all because someone said she looked looked like Miss Piggy. I don’t know- I don’t see it.

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV
Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Sorry, I digress. This is a post about my gorgeous new things not Vicki’s new face.
Here they are in no particular order.

1) An 80’s style, hot pink Dynasty-esque top from Hunter Gatherer. It looked so inviting on the rack that I just had to try it on. And I did. Now I own it. So can somebody please have an event that this would be appropriate for? K thanks.



2) Absolutely stunning Marc Jacobs cuff from Madame Virtue & Co that I picked up from Take 2 Markets. No words needed for this. It’s divine. Just divine!




Last but not least – this beautifully soft leather boho bag. I picked it up for a song at an op shop and upon closer inspection noticed it was a Carlos Falchi Buffalo Bag.Β 

Created in 1979 by Brazilian born Carlos Falchi, the soft buffalo shoulder bag, with scrunched-flap front became the most imitated of the era. He created this deconstructed style at a time when all the popular bag designs were structured and highly constricted.”




The buffalo leather is baby skin soft and it really is the most functional bag. I’ve managed to match and wear it with nearly every outfit this week. If you ever come across any of these bags do yourself a favour and buy it- they really are beautiful and so comfortable to carry. In fact Bergdorf Goodman released a new range of the Buffalo Bag in 2011 in crayon bright colours. Nearly 30 years after they were first made! What do you think? Do you love this bag as much as I do? X

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