Give it up, baby!

I have a confession to make. I know over and over on this blog I talk about the latest beauty products that promise to deliver every miracle under the sun (and yes, some do) but I have to admit that it’s this other thing I do that seems to be the real winner.

You see a few years ago I made a change that was quite drastic for me. With the prospect of spending 6 weeks in Noosa (ie. in a bathing suit) I decided to shed a few kilos. And if you know me, you know I like quick results.

Hi Adriana Lima…

Let me begin by saying I really didn’t have many kilos to lose – but by the end I lost nearly 10. I got to my goal weight and have managed to maintain it for nearly 2 years.


So what’s this drastic change I made? Sugar. I cut it out completely. Cold turkey. I made the decision and that was that. It wasn’t easy though. The first couple of days were ok but by day 3 my body was having withdrawals. I was experiencing headaches and severe mood swings. It was like I had PMT times 1000! This lasted for 2 weeks. But I distinctly remember looking in the mirror one day and realising that my face looked completely different. It seemed thinner, less bloated and had a glow to it. I know it sounds cliche, but I really do believe the change happened that quickly.


I also cut out carbohydrates, fried and processed foods. Once I lost my weight I then only had carbs before noon but never after. Even now- I really only have toast in the morning and an occasional gluten free pizza or wrap here and there.

Apart from the weight loss- the biggest change I’ve noticed is that my skin has really reaped the benefits. Sure, I still get the occasional breakout now and then (ie. every month at precisely day 25) but the fine lines I was beginning to notice appearing don’t look as noticeable any more. Of course, I still use all my amazing potions and lotions, but there’s only so much they can do if what we’re fuelling our bodies with is junk.

I was quite strict at the beginning of my lifestyle change but along the way I have loosened up a bit. I’ll indulge in the occasional birthday cake or sweet but it’s by no means part of my daily diet. Same goes for fried foods- only rarely and even then it’s shallow fried in olive oil. Processed foods are still a no go zone for me – in fact my kids have been trained, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it to not like food for certain establishments. I’ve taught them the difference between quality fast food and toxic junk food. If they want a burger I’ll gladly buy them one, just not from the scary clown joint. Same goes for pizza, ice cream or chicken. Just because you eat out- doesn’t mean you have to eat crap food. We live in Melbourne for Pete’s sake- foodie capital of the world! There should be no reason to have Mc anything with so many quality food choices around.


My husband has also joined me on this lifestyle change- in fact he’s gone one better. As well as giving up all the above mentioned food, he’s also become vegetarian. Now say what you will about giving up meat – but let me tell you- there is no one I’ve come across that comes close to guessing how old my husband is. He’s often mistaken for being in his late 20’s to early 30’s when in fact he’s a decade older. What do I put that down to- apart from having good genes and an AMAZING wife who looks after him – I truly believe it’s his diet. It’s as close to being a whole food diet as you can get. His life changing moment happened when he saw the documentary Forks over Knives. If you haven’t already seen it- go. It’s gripping viewing. I guarantee you will not look at the food you eat the same way again. So many of our illnesses and diseases today are caused directly from the foods we eat. We can change so much about ourselves simply by the foods we choose to eat – but most importantly by the ones we choose not to.

I don’t mean for this post to come across all preachy. I’m not saying don’t eat sugar, don’t drink, don’t eat meat. What I am saying is that by making a few changes to your diet, you will see the effects in your face. So no matter how much you spend on that magic cream – it’s not going to do a thing if you’re not looking after your insides as well. Have you made any dietary changes lately that you’ve seen positive effects from? X

*Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional so please seek medical advice before undertaking any crazy-assed eating regime.



  1. Casey

    Great post Chrystal… how did you curb those sugar cravings at the start though, did you use any supplements or just go completely cold turkey? Very topical post at the mo!

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