Ga Ga over Gorman

Last night while I was shopping in my sexy, flannel pj’s I came across the perfect shoe/boot. It pretty much ticked every shoe box I had (see what I just did there)!

(I kind of looked like this, but with a laptop, and Pj’s and pimple cream.)

Practical, stylish and with the perfect heel. In fact the shoe is so perfect that I’ve already matched it with so many outfits in my wardrobe. A quick google search and I was even more excited- the shoes were by Gorman. No explanation needed for Australians, uber cool Australian designer of shoes, clothes and accessories.

Now, this isn’t simply a post about shoes – oh no- this is a clear illustration of how sometimes our world is so small we could nearly all be related. Which would be just plain weird and highly unlikely.

Ok- I’m getting ahead of myself. Firstly – I present the perfect shoe. It’s called the Bobby Boot, it comes in 2 colours, tan and black. It features a cut out side detail and buckle. It’s leather and has a comfortable stacked heel. Per-fec-tion!! Am I right or am I right?

IMG_9095 IMG_9094

Now that you’ve met my favourite shoe from one of my favourite designers – Gorman– let me introduce you to another one of my loves. Mid Century furniture. Our poor inner city Victorian has an identity crisis as it’s totally decked out in all our mid century Danish pieces. I love everything about the mid century era- the wood, the clean lines, the practicality and simplicity of it all.

Can you see where this story is going? Yes! Lisa Gorman (of Gorman fame) is the lovely partner of Dean Angelucci of Angelucci Twentieth Century furniture shop on Smith st – the number one cause of whiplash amongst drivers in Melbourne. See- my two loves together- clothes and furniture. Hello amazing designer couple…

GormanPortrait-2Lisa Gorman and Dean Agelucci.

Okay- bear with me, this story gets even better. Every time I park the car in Fitzroy, I always stop and stare (not in a weird stalker way, just a wistful gaze kind of way) at this one house that I’ve already moved into in my head. It’s on a double block and from what I can see by peering my head through the fence it looks insanely amazing! The architecture, the garden, the design, the cute kiddie things on the lawn. It is easily my dream home in my dream location. I had no idea who lived there, all I knew is that they were my kind of people and I desperately needed to find a way to get myself an invite. Selling Girl Scout cookies perhaps? Avon calling? Play date with the kids? My car’s broken down, can I please use your phone? I don’t know. I’ll try anything.

Soooo- turns out my dream home is owned by none other than Mr. and Mrs. Fabulous!! Yes! Lisa and Dean.

Boston Villa was built around 1863 by William Candy, a stone mason and the first owner of the house. Around five years ago Dean and Lisa acquired the building and engaged arcjitect and friend Emilio Fuscaldo to update and extend the home.Β – The Design Files.

It makes perfect sense now as to why I was constantly drawn to that house. The leather safari chair and the Gorman clogs were calling my name simultaneously. Unfortunately I have yet to make it through the front door in person- but I did do the next best thing – stalked them on The Design Files. You can too. Here’s some photos of the house taken from the Design Files. Insert your own oohs and ahhs! See- who said shopping for shoes is a frivolous, brain dead activity? Not only did I find my perfect shoe, I found the owners of my perfect house! I know I haven’t met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe? X





Photos courtesy of The Design Files.

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