B is for Blogging

I loved reading the article in The Age over the weekend about Melbourne’s bloggers. If you didn’t get a chance to read it you can find the link here. It featured a number of homegrown Melbourne fashion bloggers and spoke of how influential they are in the whole fashion scene. Two of them I follow- Cecylia and Jess from What Would Karl Do. They are the new front row crew at the catwalks along with the magazine and fashion editors. But why, you may ask.

If you’re a blogger yourself then you know how the whole bloggersphere operates. Uber bloggers feature something on their blog, I like- you like- I buy- you buy –everyone’s happy- especially retailers.

For too long, I’ve had to explain and sometimes defend what bloggers do and why I blog. So it was refreshing to see them right there in the mainstream media showcasing their talent for writing, photography and social commentary.

Is it narcissistic to feature photos of yourself in different outfits? I don’t think so. It’s no different to flicking through magazines to see what celebs or models are wearing.  Personally I’d rather see what the real person on the street is wearing- to me it’s so much more accessible. We all know about the OOTD (outfit of the day) and even look forward to seeing what that is from certain bloggers. I know I do.

It may seem frivolous and pointless to some but this is all a form of social commentary that has just exploded in the last few years. Social media is such a powerful tool these days that if you’re a business that doesn’t use it then you really are way behind the eight ball. It’s how we communicate. It’s how we receive information, share information and connect.

Bloggers are social commentators. They’re like modern day announcers. They have a vital role in our social media community. Whether they are commentating on the colour of the season (which incidentally is ox blood) or the state of the economy (must be doing ok with all my contributions) they all have their place.


I started blogging initially to share my love of vintage finds. Hence the name ilovevintage. Along the way I started blogging about beauty finds, disasters, products, fashion and my love of design. It’s a journey, it’s a story and it’s all mine. Some people are interested to hear what I say- others not so much. And that’s ok. That’s the beauty of blogging- you can choose to hear me or ignore me.

Along the way I’ve met a whole myriad of interesting and creative people that I would not have stumbled across in my everyday life. I found them all in cyberland. I share a variety of interests with many. Vintage, beauty products even Guy Sebastian! I can connect and network in a way that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to.

After speaking to a number of bloggers- I’ve found that the majority of them have a relatively ‘normal’ day job and blogging is a way for them to express their otherwise suppressed creativity. It’s a way for them to stay connected to a certain interest. Whether it be a love of taking photos, shopping for shoes or literature.


I started blogging when I became a stay at home mum to my gorgeous twin boys. A lot of mums turn to the internet to stay connected and sane. Blogging for me was a way to talk and write about things that didn’t have to do with child rearing- cause that’s what I was doing 24/7. I needed a creative outlet.

I never really set out to conquer the blogging world- I just stared writing for myself (and in those early days of 2 followers, I was pretty much on my own). Along the way I realised that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Even if one person opens your page and says hi- that’s enough. You’ve reached one person. Am I going to change their life? Maybe not – but maybe something will strike a chord with someone, somewhere. Maybe even you. X


  1. Norlin Mustapha (@norlinm)

    I think blogging is such a great way of self expression. And I enjoy reading and seeing what every other blogger in the different niches have got to share. I’ve recently discovered so many other blogs via bloglovin too! Great post and yes, I agree that I’d rather see an outfit on an average person than on a model because that’s who we all are – average people! 🙂

  2. Evelyn (cottoncandydiva)

    Great post…I see bloggers the way you do too! Magazines are more aspirational, whereas bloggers are ‘inspirational’ you wish you could buy the $1000 dress in a mag, but you CAN buy a dress worn by a blogger (sometimes)

    You like Guy Sebastian too? That’s awesome! It’s not something that a lot of people know about me, but i have been a huge fan since 2003….even to the point of traveling interstate to see his shows


    1. chrystalovevintage

      Hi Evelyn- yes I absolutely am a Guy Sebastian fan. Actually I love all 3 homegrown Aussies- Guy, Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker. All have amazing talent! Thanks so much for your comments too. X

  3. Susan Perovic

    I enjoy reading what you write. You make me laugh and it’s light, a bit of escapism, in stead of flicking through a mag, which I never buy anymore. I bought bb cream, never heard of it before you wrote about it : )

  4. Michelle

    Your blog lets me see out from that proverbial rock I feel I have been living under since master S was born. I too, thanks to one of your earlier blogs, have now purchased my first BB cream. In fact I was just mentioning it to a friend at the Clarins counter on a rare journey to DJs in the city the other day, when the consultant mentioned that Clarins are about to release their own BB cream. I was chuffed to be in the know for once 🙂 I have never been into reading mags so your blog keeps me up to date – thank you Chrystal xx

    1. chrystalovevintage

      We’ve all been under that rock Michelle haven’t we. Sometimes though its a nice safe place to be. I’m do glad this blog can arm you with some knowledge for those DJ cosmetics girls. Sometimes they scare me! Thanks for your lovely comment. X

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