…and CUT!

Here’s a quick update on the hair situation. Yesterday I wrote about how nervous I was about getting my hair chopped off. Was I being a bit dramatic? Absolutely! But you see, this is about so much more than merely cutting a few inches off my hair. It’s about stepping outside my comfort zone and seeing what happens. It’s about not sticking with what you know. Living on the edge. Living la vida loca! Oh, who am I kidding- it’s just a hair cut! Here it is.







Not earth shattering, I know. Not a tremendous difference. But for me it was huge. I did it and I love it! Phew…now let me work on getting myself to New York! X

*Special thanks to Shaun from Colour by Numbers for keeping his cool while I was slowly losing mine.


  1. Michelle

    Looks great and very much like one of your Nicole Richie pics. Enjoy the reduced drying time you’ll now experience!

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