Gatineau RENEW 7 Detox

I was recently given the opportunity to review an amazing product from French beauty brand Gatineau. It’s called RENEW 7 detox and I’m in love. Read on to see why.


Gatineau laboratories have created a range of skin care with ultra targeted action and very fast results. These products contain optimum amounts of active ingredients and are designed to be used as 7-day intensive treatments 3 to 4 times a year.

What they say: A 7-day intensive treatment with an intense detoxifying action makes your skin radiant and optimizes the efficacy of your daily skin-care creams. It is targeted to women aged 25 years and older with tired and devitalized skin. Me! Me!

One of the main active ingredients is Detoxine. Detoxine is a biotechnological ingredient derived from a yeast extract called CANDIDA SAITOANA. (No giggling please, this is serious). It removes any remaining free radical residues on the skin by boosting the Lysosome naturally present in the skin. Detoxine increases the skin’s capacity to detoxify the skin. Other ingredients include mother of pearl, keratoline and AHA (apple extract). Vitamin C and peptide from spelt wheat, Lupin peptide, Hyaluronic acid, glycol derivatives and sweet almond oil. It contains no parabens or silicone.

I’m always excited to try a new skin care product especially when it claims to renew your skin in just 7 days. Women who have used RENEW 7 have reported a more radiant complexion and softer skin which feels fresh, aerated and detoxified. I’m all for a good detox so here’s how it went.

The RENEW 7 is to be used for 7 consecutive days, morning and night under your normal moisturiser. It’s a beautiful aqua colour and smells very pleasant. My skin issues at the moment are ageing (fine lines around the eyes), pigmentation on the cheeks, large pores around the nose and forehead and general unevenness in tone. I’m a non smoker and occasional wine drinker. I’m in my late 30’s and have combination, olive skin. I also enjoy watching Law and Order SVU, dining out and taking long walks on the beach.

The first thing I noticed upon application was how cool it felt on the skin. It gave me an almost instant burst of freshness and radiance. I did notice my skin tingling slightly but nothing to be concerned about. The tingle seemed to add an extra rosiness to my cheeks. I followed the first application with my usual skin care regime of moisturiser and BB cream. In the evenings this replaced my usual brightening serum.

After only a few days I noticed that I could actually see a visible difference in my skin tone. So much so, that I felt comfortable enough to leave the house without my usual BB cream. My pores seemed smaller and my complexion brighter. It felt like I had baby skin again. This would’ve been due to the gentle exfoliation and stimulation of cell renewal the AHA’s provided.

I cheated and used the product for 9 days because I loved it so much. In actual fact you don’t need to keep using it daily as it’s designed to ‘wipe the slate clean’ so to speak. To create a pure, clean base so that your skin is more receptive to your usual daily skin care products.

If you are looking for an instant pick me up though, you can always mix a little of the product in with your normal foundation and sit back and watch your skin glow!

I will definitely be adding this to my skin care regime- it truly is a product that does exactly what it promises. And it’s not just for women, I think my husband has been secretly using it too because he’s been looking extra radiant lately. X

(For more product information and stockist details you can call 1800 037 076.)

IMG_0979Problem areas- fine lines around eyes, pigmentation, large pores around nose.IMG_0983 IMG_0984Shameless selfies on Day 4.IMG_0990Rosy cheeks on Day 5.IMG_1010 IMG_1014

After 7 days- skin looks and feels brighter to me.IMG_1018I’m able to do a duck face much easier.IMG_1027Voila- new skin in 7 days – with no make up on! Except mascara and a weird expression.

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  1. callmejagi

    Absolutely loving how nice your skin looks! Never heard of this brand but would now like to try it^^ Great review!

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