Leggings, pants are not.

Today I did something I swore I would never do. I bought leggings to wear as pants. Not to wear under a dress, not to wear while exercising and certainly not to wear as pj’s.

I’ve always been a huge supporter and active member of the Leggings are not Pants brigade. I’m often seen shaking my head like some old woman at the young ones of today who wear these so called leggings with such ease. They throw a t-shirt and thongs on and off they go. “Hey, look at me. I’m wearings leggings that are so sheer you can see my underwear. Yes, I am! And I think they’re pants. I really do!” Poor disillusioned kids.

gross1What. On. Earth. Are. You. Thinking??

I’ve put together some basic rules of when leggings are not pants:

1) If the leggings are so sheer I can see you need to shave your legs, they are not pants.

2) If the leggings are so tight that a camel calls you asking for his toe back, they are not pants.

3) Just because your leggings have a zip at the ankles, they are still not pants.

4) If I can make out what style of underwear you are wearing, they are not pants.

5) If I can make out you need to be wearing underwear, they are definitely not pants.

Oh, hi Mr.Toe.

Up until today I have been a firm believer that unless you’re exercising- and by exercising I don’t mean wearing sports leggings to drop off the kids at school and staying in them all day and pretending you’re actually going to the gym- or wearing them under a dress, then leggings should never take the place of real pants.

Until today, when I bought myself a pair of ox-blood leggings that I’m planning to wear with a big jumper. Here’s why I think these leggings can get away with being called pants:

1) They are so thick and padded that there’s no way of seeing anything you shouldn’t.

2) They come up higher than just the edge of my bum crack.

3) There’s no mistaking them for stockings, sports leggings or pyjamas.

4) You will not be able to see my hoo hah.Β 

4) Because I said so.

So today I join the dark side. I am wearing leggings as pants. No camel call yet. X

Click here to see the leggings. Thanks Cotton On.


  1. palomino

    the leggings you bought are cute ! I too have crossed over although I call mine ‘yoga pants’ however, sheer DOES NOT come into my vocabulary when choosing any kind of pants πŸ™‚

  2. Lysette Ashford

    I think you’ve set some fine rules for the Great Legging/Pants Debate. And btw, I so love your use of the expression “hoo hah”. Since learning it from you, I now try to work it in to everyday conversation.

  3. Lysette Ashford

    ps: I would be grateful if you could blog some time in the future about visible bra parts and why cute, pretty, lacy, cheeky is NOT the same as grimy, grubby and raggedy.

  4. Michelle

    I might be wrong, but those so-called leggings are actually more reminiscent to me of early ’90s jodhpurs. No shame in wearing those, their time has returned and I think they are a great addition to your wardrobe! xx

  5. Faith Watson

    I agree–no crack in the back OR in the front. If that’s all covered, then I think it’s a cute look. Your new ones are cute. And so is this post. I’m glad I popped in, it was a nice does of fashion wellness today…speaking of which, one great thing that should be present in all leggings to promote peace of mind, in my opinion, is that they should be comfortable. f they are riding up into the hidden valley, then what was the point, right? You might as well have worn tight pants, which I believe the leggings were actually meant to replace, look-wise. Anyway, thanks. I feel more centered with my wardrobe now, and as I’m older, this gets trickier. Gravity and all.

    1. chrystalovevintage

      Hi Faith, thanks for stopping by and thank you for your great comment. I too must agree that gravity is no longer my friend- any health tips on how to stop things moving south? Love your blog btw. Stay well! X

  6. brazencam

    thanks for saying this! some people only get disgusted when fat/heavy/chubby types wear these abominable excuses for pants. But HONESTLY! EVERYONE looks disgusting in sheer, too-tight leggings. EVERYone.

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