Baby, it’s cold outside.

I’m a European Summer baby. I love all things Ambre Solaire – the beach, the sand, the coconut oil and the iced frappes. I long for sunkissed skin, open toed shoes and endless summer days that end with beautiful vanilla sky sunsets. But before you start thinking I’m some kind of weird mermaid, let me be quite clear about the negatives that make Summer not so St.Tropez. The humidity for one ensures I have frizzy untamed hair at all times. The heat at night, which means no sleep. And last but not least – the mozzies that will always attack me even though there are at least 20 other people that are baring their flesh to them! Every. Time. Always. Me.

My second favourite season is winter. I’m no Apres Ski bunny, but I do love a good Winter wardrobe. I love the boots, the coats, the scarves and the thermal spencers. But I especially love a good woolly jumper. It always evokes a feeling of security and wellness. I love the snugness of a good cable knit- I love to imagine I’m in the Last Christmas video clip throwing snowballs and laughing with George Michael about what Andrew Ridgeley actually does.

I’ve bought myself a few winter warmers this season but I always have my eyes open for new jumpers. Here’s some I’ve come across while late night shopping blogging.


Love this ASOS tiger jumper. The shorts, not so much.


How cute are these two long faces? TOPSHOP


This old school cable knit from SLADE knitwear is a perfect winter staple.


It comes in this gorgeous coral-red too. Don’t mind if I do.


Nothing cuter than bunnies, right? TOPSHOP


Love the lace detail on this ASOS jumper.


Gorgeous cable knit from ASOS.

Baby, it may be cold outside, but look how hot you can look. George Michael hot! X


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