Silence is better than Bullshit


People say that modern technology is the new evil of the world. That we’re all so engrossed in our smart phones that we forget to look up and experience the world for real- not through Instagram. I kind of agree with this but I have to say there’s another evil that has taken over social media and it has to stop! It’s everywhere- on Facebook, on Twitter on my Instagram feed- it’s even at my café hanging behind the tattooed barista. Enough! If I have to read one more of these atrocities I will scream. I’m talking about these…

affirmation1 do-not-let-anyone-dull-your-sparkle-inspirational-quotes inspirational-quotes positive-quotes-0

Positive thinking affirmations! Inspirational quotes! Whatever you want to call them. They are everywhere and I’m sick of them. They’re bumper stickers, keyrings and posters. Some people have such an addiction to them that their day is not complete unless they post a few on their Instagram – usually featuring cats, or mountains- sometimes both!

Have we become so insecure that we constantly need reminding of how beautiful/clever/amazing we are? Do we need to be reminded that it’s not the end of the world? That all we need to do is smile? That the world is an amazing place? That thinking positive can fix everything? Seriously. Let’s stop wrapping everything in cotton wool and unicorn sprinkles. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Deal with it.

I’m not a total Cruella Deville. I have a heart and occasionally partake in the reading and sharing of these inspirational sayings- Don’t give up. Tomorrow’s a new day. You’re good enough. You’re pretty enough. You are enough. Ok, Enough!

If you’re going through a rough patch and these quotes are somehow helping you out of your rut- then go for it- knock yourself out. But if you’re using these as an excuse for being lazy and sitting there waiting for the stars to help you out- then I’m afraid you need a dose of my kind of inspiration. Blunt love.

I can’t seem to find time in the morning to do anything?


Why do people walk all over me?


I am so bored with my job/life/boyfriend.”


Nothing ever goes right for me!


In fact I think if we all had a serious dose of blunt love and perhaps showed some to our offsprings then we wouldn’t have a whole generation of kids saying YOLO (You Only Live Once) while living at home with their parents until they’re 40 with no intention of moving out. YOLO? More like get a life YO!

Here’s some real inspirational quotes courtesy of Blunt Cards. Love them- they should be taught at school. ASAP. X



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