Losing my mojo…

What you are about to read is a clear example of a First World Problem. It is shallow and petty and I completely own it. You have been warned- if you’re not in the mood to read about my trivial problems please stop now and go and click on some real world issue like how on earth Honey Boo Boo even exists.

A little while ago I did a post about cutting my hair short- it was dramatic and very drastic for me. I’ve always had long hair so it was a HUGE deal. In case you missed it you can read it HERE. So I lived with my newly cut hair happily for a few months and really liked it. It looked healthier,shinier and was so much quicker to dry and style. However- I then took it a step too far I’m afraid. I went back for a cut a few days ago when every instinct I had was telling me not to. My hair was looking great, was sitting well so I really had no need for a cut- but I had already scheduled one so off I went. And on top of all that…there was A FULL MOON!!!

A full moon turns me into a lunatic quicker than you can say ‘hey, lunatic comes from the word luna-meaning moon’. I’m irrational, moody and extremely indecisive. I break into sweat when choosing what to wear and simple tasks like making my bed can reduce me to tears.

So it was under the glow of that full moon that I proceeded to get my hair ‘trimmed’ and walked out with too, too short hair that was so thinned out I could barely make a ponytail. Yes, there were tears- lots of them! And hyperventilating and more tears! I’ve lost sleep, I’ve felt sick- I even contemplated buying a turban.

I know it’s just hair and I know it’ll grow back but I truly feel like I’ve lost my mojo- I’ve lost my awesome girl powers that enable me to put on make up, make school lunches, update my Facebook status and fix the leaky shower without messing up by freshly painted nails. I’ve been reduced to someone I don’t recognise and I don’t like. You may think this is all a bit dramatic and crazy sounding but I came across a post on FB from a friend that basically said everything I was feeling! It was literally word for word an account of what happened to me when I cut my hair! Exactly! Look, read it HERE for yourself. It’s fascinating reading.

Ok- so maybe it’s not exactly the same but the meaning is. These men lost their sense of instinct and power once their hair had been cut off. They were no longer able to perform like they used to and the special skills they possessed when they had long hair just vanished. Into thin air! Exactly like mine!

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved \’feelers\’ or \’antennae\’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brainstem, the limbic system, and the neocortex. – C.Young

If you still think I’m crazy, check out all the mishaps that happened the very next day after my hair was cut shorter:

1) I went to the ATM and withdrew some money then proceeded to walk away without the money.

2) I burnt toast 3 times in the same morning instead of my usual once.

3) I used eyeliner instead of an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows and ended up looking like this:


4) I did a shoe cull and accidentally threw out just one shoe of a pair I loved.

5) While in the shower I proceeded to put face scrub on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth.

So you see- it’s not just my imagination or me being petty and vain- I have indeed lost my mojo, so if anyone finds it while out on their travels please let me know. Oh, and to the person who was behind me at the ATM and took my money, may you be cursed with a haircut that makes you cry. X



  1. Lysette Ashford

    What? NOOOOOOO! Is it too late to tell you that you always look splendiferous and no haircut on earth could make you look bad? But yes, if you feel you’ve had a less than satisfactory haircut, it throws you. I cried too once when a silly girl cut 20cm of my hair off without asking.. My best wishes and love to your remaining follicles. x

    1. chrystalovevintage

      And this is why I love you guys so much – you can take my ranting and raving without judgement and understand that even though it may not be the end of the world sometimes it feels like it is and that’s OK! Thanks Lysette! X

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