The caterpillar…

I recently read a most honest account from a mother (Vicki from KnockedUpAndAbroad) who felt that it was all getting too much. With a toddler and a new baby things were not all sunshine and rainbows like people thought. She was struggling and wanted people to know. You can read more of her blog post here and see if the story relates to you or someone you know. Chances are it will.

You see, I think we’ve reached a stage with technology where it may in fact become our demise. I don’t mean that to sound all dramatic and dooms day-ish, what I want to say is maybe it is all too much! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all new social media avenues where we can share and connect. And don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a social media whore as the next person, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s sending us mixed messages. The fact is social media is filled with people looking fabulous, doing amazing things, travelling to wonderful locations, getting married and having babies. We very rarely, if ever get an insight into someone’s life when they’re having a bad day! I don’t see Instagram pics titled “Me with really bad skin.” “Me after a wax gone wrong.” “A selfie of me cutting my toenails.” And really, truth be told, I don’t particularly want to see them either. I want my world to be filled with happy, shiny people that inspire me to do more and be more. It’s just that I think it can be a very dangerous place for people to hide behind. Social media is a great way of letting everyone know how wonderful you’re feeling even if you’re not. You can post photos of an amazing meal, great scenery, shiny new shoes and everything looks rosy. Which is not a bad thing- if that truly is your reality.

If it’s not your reality, don’t pretend it is. It’s okay to show weakness and vulnerability. It’s ok to not want to speak to anyone or go anywhere. Don’t let anyone make you feel that your life is less than perfect. Because chances are theirs isn’t that great either.

Now before you get all worked up and say how hypocritical I’m being I want you to understand that I love the power of social media. I love the way it connects us and makes the world seem so much smaller and accessible. I love the way I can share my favourite taco place on Instagram and show you how banging my new nail polish colour is. I love all that, and I love seeing it in everyone else’s feeds too. All I’m saying is that if you or someone you know is looking too fabulous and shiny (whether in real life or on social media) don’t be fooled into thinking there’s nothing wrong. They may be in a dark place and just need a helping hand or a piece of chocolate. Or if you know a new mother that looks to have her shit together because she’s always out and about looking great. Look into her eyes just that little bit longer, chances are she’s saying “Help me, I can’t keep all this up for much longer!”

So today I’m breaking my Inspirational quotes ban and am posting one of my favourites. It’s the caterpillar who thinks it’s life is over- only to realise it’s not. And that’s what I want you to remember. X


If you or someone you know may be suffering from depression please speak to someone and seek help. Beyond Blue is a great anonymous service that will lend a helping a hand or just be there to hear you talk. Beyond Blue is working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience. Call on 1300 224 636. 


  1. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Just read this again (first time was in the middle of the night feeding). Really interesting thoughts here. I agree, social media is all the rage, as long as you’ve got something fun or funny to share. So much can be hidden and how often do you see a friend and don’t feel the need to really ask what’s going on with this life because you think you know because you’ve been keeping up to date with this Facebook posts in your feed?
    Do you remember when Ruby Rose came out on Twitter and confessed her struggle with depression? What a brave woman and what a great show of honesty, so few could actually use social media for such an effect.
    Thanks for this Chrystal x

  2. Chasing the Donkey

    I am a huge Social Media user, and often wonder when I see people posting how honest they are being. That is what ratio of good v’s bad things that they post. I for one keep a good mix, I hope I am honest. I think its important to know that what you see in Social media is not all sunshine and rainbows – by far! Great post.

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