Charlotte York


There’s a particular scene in Sex and the City when Charlotte has just suffered a miscarriage and she’s sitting on the couch looking absolutely defeated. She’s watching an Elizabeth Taylor documentary on TV through lots of tears and tissues. Charlotte is transfixed by the images on the screen showing a woman who has overcome pain and adversity yet has always managed to hold her head high. “Now is the time for guts and guile” – says Ms. Taylor. Something in these words resonate with Charlotte and just like that she picks herself up, physically and emotionally. Designer dress, up do, killer heels and big black sunglasses that hide the intense pain only she can feel. From the outside she’s a perfect picture of self confidence and self assurance. There she is, strutting down 5th Avenue like a boss. Because once a woman decides to pick herself up, there’s nothing that can bring her down!


So people, this is my strut. I got up. Took a break from the blog. Hauled my ass to NY and now I’m back. Not quite Charlotte-York-fabulous back, but crazy Mickey-Mouse-Eared-At-Sephora back! Whatever your Elizabeth Taylor moment may be you’ll know when it happens. And when it does, you too will strut in your own way. X



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