A whole Lotta clogs…

I’m guessing by now you all know I have a slight obsession with clogs. Ever since I first discovered their practicality and versatility a few years ago- I’ve never looked back. I pretty much live in them during the warmer months. Even when the weather starts to cool I try to hold on to them for as long as I can. Even pairing them with socks when I have to!

So this is just a short post to share with you a fantastic new ebay shop that I discovered called Lotta from Stockholm. They’re based in the UK and specialise in many different styles of clogs from makers such as Moheda, Tizzla and Sanita. But the best part is, they offer free delivery! How good is that? I received my first pair from them today and they are just perfect. The sizing is spot on and the leather and wood are both top quality. So naturally a girl has to share information like this, right?





Aren’t they great? The brand is called Moheda and they’ve been making clogs in Sweden for years. Before you buy any brand online that you’ve never heard of always, always do your research! I really wanted to break out of my safe black option but I wanted to test them first to see how they are before I try other colours. They style I have here is the Betty in black in a size 39.They were $99 and I ordered them last week and they arrived exactly 7 days later. I paid with Paypal which as I’ve said before doesn’t really count as real money does it? Hope you like and that you’re as happy with this discovery as I am! Do you have any fashion finds to share? X

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