I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog the issues I have with my hair. Nothing dramatic, just the usual first world problems we all have. You see if I just blow dry my hair it ends up looking exactly like this. I kid you not.


Remember the scene with Monica at the Bahamas? Yep, thats me after I dry my hair. So in my eternal quest for smooth tresses I’ve discovered Snobgirls. This range of hair care was introduced to me by the guys at Salon XVI in Richmond and I found it so good that I just had to share it with you. The Snobgirls range uses 100% Vegan formulas, does no animal testing and bans over 40 harsh ingredients usually found in cosmetics and hair care products.  I was recommended these tiny capsules of leave in bio serum. They have quite an extensive range so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your hair. The ones I’m using are specifically designed for dry, frizzy and rebellious hair. They come in a pack of 15 capsules (roughly $25) and they are perfectly measured for one time use. I towel dry my hair then apply this serum through it focusing on the particularly dry and damaged parts. What this serum does is protect your hair from any heat you will apply (hair dryer, straightener etc) but it also cuts your drying time in half. Not sure how – but it does. I don’t spend nearly as much time drying my hair as I used to. IMG_5839 IMG_5838

This is some information from their website which outlines all the other different Prestocure Bio-serums they have in their range.

Which Snob Girls Professionnelles Prestocure Bio-Serum is right for me?
All Snob Girls Prestocure Bio-Serums are color-safe and can be used on any hair type,
but when choosing one, try to focus on your individual hair needs, and the style which you are trying to achieve.

AMINO-COLLAGEN 10Smooths, tames, and controls frizz instantly.

(Vice-Versa Curls)
For curly hair, whether blowing straight or leaving curly.
SPLIT-ENDS ELIXIRInstant hair repair for split-ends, adds smoothness and shine.

LUMIERE-COLOURAdds intense shine and protects color-treated hair from fading.

BODYDENSEAdds body, volume, and helps hair retain it’s style, shape.

HYDRAMENDIntense hydration and repair for damaged, dry, brittle hair.

NOMRADENSE SCALPIntense nutrition and balance, great for thinning hair, or as color-additive for sensitive scalps.

PROCURE DEFENSEIntense shine and silky softness for all hair types.

For more information on their range and where you can get your hands on some Snobgirls just click here. This was not a sponsored post – I just love it that much. X

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  1. Marco

    I know a bit late but i just read your post , we thank you for your great words about Snobgirls, we are a small company that strives on producing the best possible range on the market…! Also to mention we where just NOMINATED at this year AFHA 2014 for BEST NEW PROFESSIONAL HAIRCARE PACKAGING & DESIGN

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