Ultimate princess

The Queen has announced that Kate Middleton is to receive a Regal Makeover. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like she’s free to break out the tiaras and rock some serious BLING! But oh no- the overhaul will see the Queen’s personal dresser in charge of Kate’s transition into being more Royal-like. Whatever that means? Taking a lover, shooting some ducks or eating bread with honey? Apparently Kate will be forced encouraged to wear jewellery favoured by the Queen from her personal collection as well as being asked to lower her hemlines. The Queen will be watching all this closely. Let’s just take a minute to think about this people. Imagine your mother in law dictating what you can and can’t wear. The only time you should take fashion advice from your mother in law is if she’s Diane von Fustenberg. Know what I’m saying? Queenie- you aint no fashionista. Stick to telling Charles which way to brush his comb over.

So I thought now would be the right time to celebrate my all time favourite Princess who never adhered to anyone’s rules and if she was ever told to lower hemlines she would probably take off the skirt off all together! Everyone please be standing for Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Daughter of Grace, model, fashion designer, extreme sport lover, chain smoker, rock and roll Princess with a capital P! X

princess-stephanie Stephanie Stephanie1 stephanie2 Stephanie4 Stephanie5



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