Real Housewives of Melbourne


Coming soon to Foxtel’s Arena is the latest instalment of the Real Housewives Juggernaut. The Real Housewives of Melbourne hits our screens in a little over 2 weeks and I for one can’t wait. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be familiar with the series that gives us a glimpse into the extravagant and at times bizarre lives of these housewives. We get a look at the complexity of the relationships with their families, each other and their plastic surgeons. There are mansions, maids and the most extravagant walk-in-wardrobes you’ve ever laid eyes on. Fake tans, fake lashes and lots of fake smiles. These women seem to live an enviable life of parties, limousines and long lunches- but looks can be deceiving. They are as complex and insecure as the rest of us- the difference is they have their plastic surgeons on speed dial, or even better they’ve married one.

Say what you will about the Housewives franchise but one thing is certain, it’s become a world wide phenomenon and has catapulted these women into celebrity status. Whether you agree with the concept of reality TV or not there’s no denying it makes for entertaining viewing. Who doesn’t love a good cat fight when there’s table tossing and wig pulling involved. This series has it all- friendship, deception, betrayal and a whole lot of designer shoes. But as the saying goes- not all that glitters is gold- sometimes it’s just a bad fake tan.

Let’s meet the Melbourne housewives who will no doubt become household names in a few months.

First up is 47 year old Gina Liano. Barrister and sister to fashion designers Bettina and Teresa Liano. She’s flamboyant and assertive with a love of fashion. Decribed as tough and sassy and not afraid to speak up. I’m thinking she may be the Teresa Guidice of Melbourne. Watch out!RHOM-gina

There’s Lydia Schiavello. The 44 year old mum to 6 children who’s an interior design student and married to architect Andrew Norbury. She’s described as nurturing and sweet who loves nothing more than spending time with her family.  Maybe a Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills, minus the alcoholic sister.


Janet Roach is a 55 year old millionaire property developer, recently separated who’s a bit of a party animal and always ready to mingle. Very much like Lea Black of the Miami Housewives. Confident, sassy and knows what she wants.


Jackie Gillies, at 33 is the youngest of the housewives and is married to former Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies. She describes herself as a spiritual mentor and celebrity psychic. I’m comparing her to Melissa Gorga of New Jersey – sweet but with a sharp side.


Chyka Keebaugh is 44 year old director of The Big Group and Big Design catering and events firms. A well known and well connected Melbourne housewife she’s always on the go. I personally remember her from The Bert Newton show back in the day. I’m comparing her to Kathy Wakile from New Jersey who runs her own catering company too.


Andrea Moss is a 45 year old TV journalist who is married to the world renowned plastic surgeon Dr.Chris Moss.  She helps run their Multimillion dollar Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Toorak as well as being mum to their 3 children under 11. Described as the posh one in the bunch. Think Lisa Vanderpump, darlings.


The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs on Arena on Sunday February 23rd at 8:30pm. Will you be watching? X


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