Camberwell Stylelights 2014 Runway Show

Last night I attended one of Camberwell’s premiere fashion events Stylelights Runway Show 2014. It’s a great opportunity for local retailers to show us some of the fashions that are currently in their stores. It’s always a great night and a fun social event.

Stylelights was held upstairs at the iconic George’s restaurant on Burke Road in Camberwell. It was filled with a mix of chic Camberwell ladies, fashionistas and bloggers. The guest speaker this year was Janice Breen Burns – former Fashion editor with The Age newspaper and now Editor of VOXFROCK the fashion and culture blogzine she founded. It was interesting to hear her speak about the onslaught of ‘fashion bloggers‘ that have appeared over the years. She finds it both ‘exciting and terrifying‘. She stated that a blogger ‘really needs to be knowledgable and have a point of difference to be able to rise above the crowd.’ It’s also an exciting time to be in the fashion industry especially as everything has gone digital so quickly. These days ‘bloggers have the ability through their selfies, photos and likes on social media to really promote a certain look.’

JanandIJanice and moi

After being wined and dined, we were treated to a runway show from than 20 stores including new retailers Sportscraft, Taking Shape and international boutique OSKA. Favourites such as Feathers, Meredith and Susan also made an appearance. Boutiques such as Esse, Bojangles and Sisca showcased some their current fashion trends as did Gidget and Sportsgirl. The men weren’t neglected either- Esprit, Country Road and Cavalier showed us some of their favourite Winter looks for 2014.

Some of the colour trends that are appearing this season are pale pinks and hues of blush and crimson. Leather is making an appearance and we’re seeing it come through in studded boots and biker jackets. The length of leggings and trousers are being worn just above the ankle leaving a visible space of leg between footwear and clothing. This goes for both men and women. The ankle boot is still a current trend and we’re seeing it in both a stiletto and a flat heel. Clashing of prints is still very much in vogue. Jackets are also longer as are skirts with the hemlines hovering around the calves. As with any fashion trend you don’t need to be wearing it head to toe. Just pick one little element from it and add it to your wardrobe. Whether it be the ankle boot or a scarf in a pattern that clashes with the rest of your outfit. Give it a go and have fun! X









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