Mid Century Napoleon

Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places- Slim Aarons.

So you all know that in a previous life I was a 1960’s Hollywood celebrity that had a fabulous house in Palm Springs and would swan around the pool dressed in a Pucci kaftan sipping on dirty martinis, right? Well how else would you explain my utter fascination and love for all things Palm Springs- the fashion, the mid century architecture the landscape! I love the contrast of colours between the palm trees and the azure blue swimming pools. The desert mountains framing the city like a rocky picture frame.

For me, no-one captures this wondrous landscape and lifestyle better than photographer Slim Aarons. In fact I’ve raved about him before- read here.

The locations of photographs are very important in Aarons’ work, and one of his preferred themes is holidaymakers. Slim Aarons’ style reflects the Jet Set that he photographs: it is flawless. Beyond any anthropological notions, the artist seeks above all to represent a lifestyle that treads the fine line between paradise-on-earth and a fake, fairytale decor. 
Representations of taste in terms of the fashion, design and architecture of bygone eras reinforce this sensation. Rather than simply capturing a social milieu, the artist strives to represent a way of living life ‘as spectacle’. – Wikipedia

I love the saturation of colour in his photos. The beauty and almost fakeness of his images and models could almost be a movie set for some fabulous 1960’s movie starring the Rat Pack!



Now, here’s the exciting news – Napoleon Perdis (uber make-up god) is releasing a limited edition range of cosmetics called the Slim Aarons Collection. I know!!! I can hardly breathe either. Not only do you get sparkly, gorgeous make up but it all comes in a zippy case that features Slim Aarons famous images! Look…


Napoleon launched this glama-licious range at his Sydney home recently, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend because I had prior commitments, wasn’t invited. That’s ok, minor details. Napoleon and I go way back anyway, I’m sure my invite just got lost in the mail.

The above image is titled Poolside Gossip, Napoleon has an oversize print of this hanging in his living room. “I just love this image” says Perdis, “their hair is amazing, the shoes, the glass, the ring, the sunglasses, the cocktail half poured. It’s that mid century glamour that we aspire to, but there’s not enough time for any more. I also feel it’s a bit Australian because we live outdoors so much. I sit here and have my coffee and feel fresh. My home in Palm Springs is mid- century, so it’s a lot like this.”

YES!! Perfectly said Napoleon! I too love everything about this image and the lifestyle it portrays. So your house is a lot like this, hey? I know who’ll I’ll be looking up next time I’m in Palm Springs. X


*The Napoleon Slim Aarons range will be available on June 23rd 2014.


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