Gumboots and Puddles

There’s a lot to love about the changing of the seasons. The air gets brisk and the days seem fresher. I personally love the cooler weather in Melbourne especially in Autumn when the colours are beautiful hues of burnt amber. There’s leaves to crunch through and puddles to splash in. And no one loves to splash in puddles more than little boys. Our two love nothing more than putting on their raincoats and gumboots in search of the biggest and deepest puddle they can find.

Which means I in turn must search for the most appropriate and weather proof gumboot I can find. I decided to try out these boots from Clarks which ticked all the boxes for me- cute designs, fleecy lining and a waterproof top with toggles for easy tightening.



The boots had their first outing over Easter when we attended the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Werribee Mansion. Luckily it was a wet Melbourne day so the boys were thrilled to try out their new boots. Not only did it it keep their feet dry and warm but the waterproof lining on top made sure their feet stayed extra dry when running through all that long, wet grass!

Everyone was happy- especially with all these chocolates to get through! X



The Puddle Gumboots from Clarks retail for $29.95. Click here for more info.

*This was not a sponsored post. We just love the boots!

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