Iconic Melbourne Shot Tower

A day of towers, domes and boots. Melbourne turned on the charm today with its silvery grey skies and shades of autumn beauty. I love nothing more than setting out on foot and walking around to discover the many secrets and beautiful locations this magical city has to offer. I really do find myself smiling like a crazy person as I wander through lane ways and art deco lined streets.


IMG_8270 I had a chance for a quick photo shoot this morning and I was super excited for some cold weather in Melbourne so I could take my new Hush Puppy ankle boots out for their first wear. They are the perfect boot for anything you need to do. I walked the kids to school and back and then did a whole day’s walking in the city and felt nothing but comfort. Perfect boot and heel height if you’re a walker like me.


HUSH PUPPIES- GEORGIE BOOT – and they’ve just been reduced to $99- YAY!!

I wandered into Melbourne Central today as its celebrating Shot Tower Heritage Week with a range of activities and special events. I was fortunate enough to attend a tour of the iconic shot tower and even got a chance to see the glass dome up close and personal.


Our tour guide Dale Campisi knew everything there was to know about Melbourne and was full of fun facts about the tower and Melbourne Central itself.


Did you know:

– The Shot Tower was built 125 years ago and was a factory used to make lead shots for shot guns.

– Known as Coop’s shot tower it is only one of 3 towers still standing in Australia. The other 2 are in Clifton Hill and Hobart.


– Melbourne Central was built by a Japanese firm who also built Taipei’s iconic tower Taipei 101 as well as the Sydney Harbour tunnel.

– If you look closely inside the cone of Melbourne Central you can see the abandoned escalator landings of Daimaru (the department store that was housed in Melbourne Central for 10 years).

– Did you know there used to be an amusement park on the roof top of Melbourne Central? The go-cart track is still visible from the rooftop.





Check out Melbourne Central and Shot Tower Heritage Week for yourself. There’s fun for the whole family and you’ll love discovering a piece of history right here on our doorstep. X


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