Fake it till you make it

There’s this saying that goes Fake it till you make it. And although no-one wants to fake anything – except longer eye lashes – I agree that sometimes you just need to take this saying on board.

Let me give you an example of how this worked for me. I have always looked upon gym wear as strictly to be worn to the gym and back. Or to go for a jog and back. Not to be worn all day, everyday while doing very non gym like activities – i.e. grocery shopping.

So to all those women out there that have been wearing their leggings and puffer jackets like some kind of uniform, I owe you an apology. You see I judged you before I too walked in your Nike’s. I would look at you in your Skins and wonder why you couldn’t just put on a pair of pants. I’m sorry. I had no idea that you held the secret of comfort AND style.

I did a little experiment of my own and started wearing my skins and puffer jacket to school drop off and pick up. There I was decked out in my Reeboks and ready to rock. Except I wasn’t. You see I don’t go to the gym and I definitely don’t run. I mean have you seen all those joggers? Not one, not a single one looks like they’re enjoying themselves. I dare you to find a smiling jogger. Go on. If you do, take a pic. Call it #amazing stories.


During my experiment of dressing ‘fitter’ a miraculous thing occurred. I began to take the long way home after school drop off. I started doing laps of the park (walking of course). I even turned into that girl that does lunges and squats in public. I didn’t even need to get my own personal trainer, I just shadowed one of the dozens you find on any given morning at the local park. Oh, don’t judge! I know you’ve all secretly taken notes when walking past a personal training session. How else do you think I know what a burpee is?!

I started getting comments like “You look like you’ve lost weight,” or “How was your run?” You see, I thought to myself- since I’m in gym gear I may as well do some exercise instead of going straight home. Genius, right?!

To begin with it’s all about perception- I dressed fitter, so I looked fitter. And the outcome was I actually became fitter! I faked it till I made it!

Apart from the obvious health benefits I’ve gained, another positive is that a whole new wardrobe has opened up to me. I mean have you seen how cute some of this work out gear is? I had no idea- I feel like I’ve had blinkers on and they’ve suddenly been removed. Now I notice what style Nike shoe someone is wearing and I know that Lulemon is not a British singer!

Have you ever faked till you made it? X

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