The hip, new cleavage!

Every now and again we’re treated to some fashion advice that is so amazing, so revolutionary that we wondered how we ever lived without it.

This is not one of those times.

Say hi to Kendall Jenner and her hipage. And if any of those words sound foreign to you then let me begin by saying CONGRATULATIONS. Congratulations because you haven’t been sucked into memorising the Jenner/Kardashian family tree like I have. So you probably spend your time perusing more useful websites- unlike me who subscribes to anything ending in TV, Hollywood or more than one exclamation mark. Which is probably why I unfortunately know what hipage is and why it’s become the most talked about fashion look in Hollywood- second only to Bruce Jenner’s increasingly questionable hairstyles and dress sense.

Let me shed some light on this newest craze so we can all go about our normal business. Kendall Jenner is half sister to Kim/Khloe/Kourtney Kardashian and as you can see in the photo, she shares her sisters love of eye catching fashion. I present to you…hipage. Hipage is the new cleavage.Kendall-Jenner-Fausto-Puglisi-Thigh-Split-Dress

First there was good old fashioned booby cleavage :


Followed closely by side boobage-


Then came the gravity defying under boob cleavage-


Not to be outdone with the bum cleavage-


Heck, even feet got in on the action with some toe cleavage-


But all that pales by comparison to the hipage. Where showing off your hip bones is the only way to tell the world how fashion forward, edgy and frankly how hungry you really are. It’s a way to say- Hey, look at me- I have no underwear on! Or any pubic hair!

Hipage can be displayed by wearing sheer, see through dresses like Paris Hilton:


Or with thigh high, split dresses like this- ouch:


I kid you not people. This is a thing. A fashion thing. It’s certainly not my thing. Heck, last time you could visibly see my hip bones I was prepubescent and playing with my Chocolate flavoured Scratch and Sniff Big M hula hoop!

So even though you will not be seeing my hipage any time soon, you can at least sleep better with the knowledge that you have just added to your fashion vocabulary. You’re welcome! x










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