Fringe world problems.

Having a fringe isn’t simply a choice of hairstyle it’s a choice of lifestyle. There are just some things only a chick rocking a fringe will understand:


  • WEARING A BEANIE or hat or any headwear means we’re having a bad hair day and our fringe looks revolting. Don’t expect us to take the beanie off and if you value your life, don’t even attempt to pull it off yourself.
  • SWIMMING isn’t as simple for us, as it is for our no fringed sisters. We must have back up plans- headbands, hats or bobby pins. We must wear swimming caps or turbans. Anything to hide the fact that our fringe now looks like we’ve been licked by a cow.
  • LENGTH is very, very, very important to us! If any hair dresser makes the mistake of cutting it too short, too textured or too blunt then our lives are over- or at least for 2 weeks until it grows back.
  • GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN is our nightmare, even if we do like Pina Coladas. All of a sudden our perfectly groomed fringe ends up wet, lanky and stuck to our forehead. My tip is to always have a hat of some sort in your bag ready for this fringemergency.
  • EYEBROWS always get neglected. That is until there’s a sudden gust of wind and your friend is all like “Gee C, you wax much??”
  • CURLY or wavy hair is hard to pull off with a fringe because somehow you will always end up looking like a 90’s teen actor from Saved by the Bell.
  • GROWING out your fringe is something you’re always thinking about. What do you think? Should I? Shouldn’t I?


  • WASHING just your fringe is a skill you quickly acquire. While the rest of your locks can stay oil free for days your fringe needs constant washing to maintain its shape and style. There is nothing worse than a greasy fringe. Nothing!
  • FRINGE ENVY is something that comes hand in hand with sporting a fringe. You’re always looking out for a better way of styling yours. Is it the rock chick length you covet or the cut high above your eyebrows look you want? Whatever it is, we always give each other that look that says – Bangin bangs girl! Way to go!
  • CHANGING HAIRDRESSERS is a no-no. The relationship between your fringe and your hairdresser is a very close and intimate one. They have an understanding, they speak the same language, they know how to behave together. Introducing someone new into the mix is just asking for trouble. I know this because I committed that exact sin just last week. I let someone else TRIM my fringe, which resulted in me looking like a little school girl. I then went to a second hairdresser to rectify the situation and ended up leaving with a too short fringe that had been feathered so much it looked like there were triangles cut out in there. I then proceeded to try and FIX the situation myself at home with nail scissors. IS IT A FULL MOON?? Seriously, it was a Fringemergency! I frantically called my hairdresser and immediately went in to see him, sporting a hat of course! Ripping off the hat I practically screeched – YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS! YOU HAVE TO! Once he stopped laughing at my firstworld problem and my manky fringe- he proceeded to do the best he could. Which is so much better than it previously was. He has however made me promise not to mention his name as my hairdresser until my fringe grows out a bit more. As he so eloquently put it “I don’t want my name associated with this cut.” Yeah, neither do I.

By now you’re probably thinking- Wow, having a fringe is so high maintenance it hardly seems worth the trouble. But let me tell you, I’m no quitter and besides, when you’re having that great hair day and all your planets are aligned there is nothing more amazing than a kick arse fringe. Nothing! X


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