The Clothing Exchange- Free Ticket Giveaway


As a huge advocate of eco-friendly shopping in this day and age of fast fashion, it’s refreshing and encouraging to see initiatives like The Clothing Exchange become so successful.

I first stumbled upon The Clothing Exchange a few years ago and since then I’ve become an avid supporter and shopper.

The concept is simple- bring along items that you would like to swap to one of the events and you will be given buttons that you can use as currency to swap with any other item that is there. The ticket price is less than you would pay for a t-shirt these days and you can walk away with up to 6 new pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories. Not only will you have swapped your items with some new ones, but you will have done your part in keeping this sustainable fashion event alive. All left over clothes are donated to the Red Cross to be sold across their many op shops.

If you’ve always wanted to attend a Clothing Exchange event, well here’s your chance. I have a free pass to give away for this month’s event on the 8th of September at Federation Square in Melbourne. The September event is held as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in the beautiful surrounds of Deakin Edge right on the banks of the Yarra river.


Simply be the first to respond in the comments section stating why you would like to attend and the ticket is yours. TOO EASY!  So get writing and I’ll see you there! x

Swapping with The Clothing Exchange can be done online the website or at our signature events across Australia.

It’s really simple – you exchange items of clothing that you no longer want for those that you do, via a network of savvy and eco-minded swappers, that now has the capacity to become global!

It’s an enjoyable and sustainable action that reduces fashion waste, and celebrates style and individuality.

The Clothing Exchange was founded by Kate Luckins in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Following a collaboration with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2006, The Clothing Exchange has become a regular event for swappers in a host of wonderful venues.


At The Clothing Exchange, we believe that looking good shouldn’t ‘cost’ the earth – yet current manufacturing and fashion industry practices are responsible for a vast amount of damage to the environment and to the lives of clothing industry workers. We feel that every time you purchase something, you are making a choice about the way you want the world to be. Choosing swapping has the direct result of keeping garments out of landfill for longer and reducing the damaging effects of fast fashion and out-of-control consumerism, one garment at a time.

What’s more, swapping is a clever and thrifty way to update your wardrobe without hitting the shops and maxxing out your credit card. It saves you pennies AND makes the world a better place.

At The Clothing Exchange, you can swap online and at our professionally hosted events across Australia. Our innovative events have grown from a small community of devoted swappers to a national network of swapping, and the events are always friendly and fun!


  1. Hungrycookie

    Never heard of Clothing Exchange. What a great idea!

    My wardrobe is overflowing with unworn items that would take a long time to sell on Ebay. Going to this event would definitely help to free up wardrobe space whilst promoting the idea of sustainability in fashion.

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