Chakra Khan

It’s safe to say that over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling so out of whack that I really shouldn’t have been operating any heavy machinery or driving a car. In fact I probably should’ve kept a very safe distance from all other forms of life. But I didn’t. I tried to coexist as best I could amongst the sane and hoped I wouldn’t be discovered.

To add fuel to the fire, I also had to make a BIG decision which pretty much gave me high blood pressure and a near aneurism! So I did what any normal person would do, I went to seek advice from my chakra healer. I need to add here that she was by no means my first port of call. Oh no…I picked everyones brains, from my barista, to my friends to the mums at school. It was only when I could seek no more that I turned to my chakra chick.

I often turn to her in times of turmoil like whether or not I should grow my fringe out or keep cutting it.


In fact she was the one that waved a pendulum over my barren uterus and told me I would be having two boys in the not too distant future. Two boys later I now pay VERY close attention to her words.

Did I receive the answers I was looking for? Yes and no. I know it’s cliche but the answer was in me all along. I just needed to pay $95 to hear it said back to me.

Do I sound cynical? I don’t mean to. She was in fact very spot on with her insights about me. One observation she mentioned was that I was in fact a manifester. Which I guess we all are to a certain extent. Has anything ever happened in your life and you thought- wow, I knew that was going to happen just like that. I believe that in some way you will things to happen.

You know the old saying Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it? It’s true. Don’t put anything out to the universe unless you’re really prepared and open to receive it.

Here’s a quick story of a real manifestation- a girl friend of mine was sick of her full time job and wanted to make a living out of her true passion- painting. So she put it out to the universe that that’s what she really wanted to be doing. Pretty soon her clients started dwindling so she had more time to paint. Fast forward a few years and now she’s an amazing Australian artist making a living from her talent and passion- full time!

A manifestation can be as simple as imagining yourself in a particular place, in a particular job or a specific scenario. If you can see this image clear enough and often enough in your mind you can make it happen.

Be warned though- it can work to your disadvantage also. There’s a saying- we create what we fear. True as well. If your thoughts are always negative, chances are your run of bad luck will continue for quite a while. Change the way you think and pretty soon your actions and those around you will also.

Now, back to my chakra healer. Did she heal my chakra? Maybe. I felt clearer in the mind  when I walked out. I was reminded about all the good within me and around me. I was reminded about the power I had and was gently guided into how to use it. To stop, to listen to my inner voice and to appreciate. To try and differentiate between a gut instinct and a fear. To be still. To be thankful.

As for my decision, I decided to not go ahead with it. I was procrastinating until the eleventh hour and even though I was getting all the signs telling me to go ahead with it- I didn’t. Because the one strongest voice, mine- was saying no this time.

Do you believe in manifestations? Have you ever put anything out to the universe and received it? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Until next time, Namaste and good night x



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