How to fail at parenting like a boss

Whether you’re a parent or not there will have surely come a time in your life where you’ve failed at life. The beauty of being a parent though, is that when you do slip up chances are your children won’t notice or they’ll forgive you instantly for it.

Let me give a little insight into my parenting fail that happened this morning. Everything looked to be going on track. Both boys were up and having breakfast by 7:00am. Can I just add here that it was in fact a hot breakfast of french toast and bacon that I had made. Just wanted to mention that for added brownie points before I reveal my shortcomings later.

So while husband left for the day and the kids got themselves dressed and ready for school I took the opportunity to put a hydrating mask in my hair while I pumped out a few more articles for a website I write for.

We all got lost in our activities for a while and before we knew it we had 10 minutes to get to school. Keep in mind I’m still in my pyjamas with a greasy looking mask in my hair that made me look like I had been licked by a giraffe!

Not a problem. I yelled at the kids to put their jackets on, pack their bags and wait at the door. Which they did. I however only had time to put a puffer jacket on and sneakers. Yes, over my pi’s. I was about to do the school run bra less and in baby blue flannel pj bottoms with a tshirt saying I heart Cambodia!

The kids suffice to say were mortified!! Mum, do not get out of the car! They both sang in unison. Ok, ok lets go- no-one will notice.

As we hurried to the car, my first born decided to put his school bag in the boot and didn’t move out of the way in time before I slammed the door down…ON HIS HEAD.


Cue hysterical screaming, which was just drawing more attention to this shamozzle.

I rushed both boys back inside so I could check out the injury. No blood, no cut, no bump. Thank the Dualis gods! I mustn’t have slammed it down that hard!

SO back in the car we get all the while me checking that he’s not concussed and about to pass out! I drop him off at the gate with his brother making sure he tells his teacher what happened.

To which he responds- I won’t tell her exactly what happened though mum. I don’t want her to think you’re a bad parent, cause you’re not.

Cue tears from me. See- even though this was a major parenting fail, and not the first time he’s sustained a head injury while under my care- he still thinks I rock!

And FYI, I’ve been ringing the school every hour to check how he is. Yes, I’m one of those parents. Now excuse me while I make a call. X

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