You too can look like JLO, even if it’s just your hair!

There’s a hot new colour that’s hitting salons and celebrity heads alike. It’s been called a fusion between brown and blonde. It even has it’s own name: BRONDE.

brondeCara Delvigne recently darkened her blonde locks and suddenly a new colour was born.


“The key to achieving this colour is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through, so ask your stylist for a consultation. Here they can recommend the tones that suit your eye and skin tone while looking at the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde. By incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade they will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face.

“Plus, it’s a low maintenance colour so it’s perfect for anyone who is a little colour shy or not able to get to the salon very often.” Hair stylist Siobhan Jones.

Here are some of my fave brondes! I think this may be my next colour- it will take a while to get there though as my hair is quite dark at the moment. Mine will definitely be on the darker brunette side rather than blonde. But let’s see how we go.

Have you tried the bronde look? Do you love it? x

Bronde-Caramel-Hair-Colour brondgfs bronds bronsd bronsda bronsde






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