Taco Thursdays

Today is Thursday and in our household that only means one thing. Tacos! My kids are literally excited to eat these taco boats from the minute they wake up- which incidentally is around 5:45am most mornings. Why are they up so early you may ask? It’s genetic I’m told. Their father is the same (rhymes with their father is insane, doesn’t it). I’m sure he’s lost his calling in life to host The Today Show cause Lord knows he’d never need an alarm to wake up.

So while I’m sitting here doing some writing on ye old computer machine, I can hear the mince bubbling away on the stove top in anticipation for the awesome meal that is to come!

Do you have specific foods for different nights of the week? You know, like fish and chip Fridays, Whatever you like Wednesdays or Make it yourself Mondays? My repertoire at the moment has only extended as far as Taco Thursdays. But you know, there’s scope to grow.

So why have I called you here today? Well, it’s been a while between visits so I thought I’d touch base and let you know that you can find me over on MUM’S LOUNGEย as entertainment reporter these days. I’m reporting on all the celeb goss and news so please visit and share the love for me. Muchos Gracias.

Oh, and I also wanted to share some exciting news that I know you’ll be stoked about. I’m growing my fringe out…Ta da! Whatcha think?


Love and light to you all! x


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