Grey be Gone!

I recently saw this hilarious video which depicted women getting ready to go out on a date compared to men.

You can just imagine right? De fuzzing our legs, faces and hoo haas. Applying fake tan, bronzer or whatever else we need to disguise our white limbs. Washing, conditioning, drying, curling or straightening our hair- the fun never ends! Throw a couple of kids in the mix yelling for you to wipe their bottoms or bring them some wet ones and you can see how the process is enough to drive anyone loco.

And the men? Well let’s just sayย they will throw on their clothes, choose a pair of shoes, grab their keys and walk out the door yelling “I’m heading to the car.” While I’m still trying to find a bra that fits properly and a pair of socks that actually match!

Then don’t you love when you do one last look in the mirror and all you see is your grey hair taunting you! Like it’s saying- “Yeah, you think you look all that? Think again honey- I’m back!”

Back, indeed! My hair seems to need root touch ups as soon as I leave the hair salon! In the past I’ve tried to disguise it with mascara, hair powder or even brown eye shadow. But then the other day while I was at Priceline stocking up on cotton ear buds, lip gloss and another coral nail polish, a brand new product caught my eye.


It’s called Instant Root Concealerย by Charles Worthington. It’s a coloured spray that instantly disguises your grey roots. All you do is shake and spray where you want it to go. Do not spray it into the mirror while pulling a face, and definitely don’t hold it so close to your roots- it should be held about 20cm away.

This is not a sponsored post- I just love it and think you will too. It comes in ย a range of colours and from memory it was under $20. You’re welcome!

Would you use this? x

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