“Even Louis Vuitton Makes Mistakes!”

“Even Louis Vuitton Makes Mistakes!”

Occasionally a designer will come up with something that really makes me think they are taking the piss out of all of us!

Just recently while I was trawling through Instagram looking for $10,000 handbags to throw my money at I came across this beauty…

It’s from fashion house Balenciaga and can be yours for around $6,000. Here’s what the description reads:

Finding beauty in the every day, Balenciaga’s oversized tote is inspired by classic blanket bags. It has been crafted in Italy from mineral-tanned textured-leather that makes its sky-blue, navy and gold baroque floral print appear brighter. This canvas-lined design is surprisingly lightweight and has internal compartments and pockets for small essentials. Carry yours by the top handles or optional shoulder strap.

Oh- and there’s free delivery too- which is AWESOME!

So here’s my question for you. The designer clearly knows the bag is a rip off of the blanket bags every wog and his dog had back in the day. Your parents would keep them stored away on the top shelf in the cupboard and pull them out on those freezing nights- and they were guaranteed to smell like mothballs because – well mothballs,

This is not Balenciaga! This is the ORIGINAL blanket in the blanket bag!

Is the designer trying to tell the story of a migrant’s struggle in a new country? Is the bag a symbol of hope and new beginnings? Is it an homage of sorts to the working class?

Or is someone sitting back laughing at the thought of someone forking out thousands of dollars to look like they’re holding a blanket bag from Target?

Cause you know, fashion is like that. Designs are released each season which can only be described as WTF moments. And what’s even funnier are the die-hard fashionistas that will follow these trends because they were told to!

On of my favourite reality TV moments was on The Real Housewives Of New York when Countess Luann called Alex’s shoes Herman Munster shoes cause they were so clunky!

Alex smugly says: “They’re Louis Vuitton!!”

The countess responds with the perfect comeback: “Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes!”

Hahahaha!! Yes! Yes he does!!

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