Top Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Summer Tan!

Top Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Summer Tan!

If like me you live in the southern hemisphere you are probably bidding farewell to balmy summer nights and the freedom of not carrying a jacket with you everywhere you go, (Unless you live in Melbourne – which basically means you carry around clothes for EVERY season in your bag ALL the time!)

One thing the fading sun doesn’t have to mean is the end of sun kissed skin. Whether your summer glow is natural or from a bottle there are certain things you can do to help extend your tan well into the cooler months.

Here are some tips that will keep you looking like you’ve just spent the weekend on your yacht and not like you’ve just been wrestling with a tanning gun. We don’t want to look like this…

We want to look more like this… (minus all the hate and leaked sex tapes)…

My usual go to self tanner has always been Bondi Sands Liquid Gold with is a dry oil. It can be a bit tricky to apply as it goes on without  colour but it’s pretty idiot-proof and will leave you with the most natural looking colour minus that disgusting give-away fake tan smell,

I have since discovered the TANNING FOAM which I find goes on easier and leaves a bit of a colour so you know where you’ve applied it. PLUS it smells like coconuts! If you’r unsure of the colour I would just stick to the DARK but if you want a richer deeper dan then I would try the ULTRA DARK especially if you’re already olive skinned and tan easily anyway.

It says to apply and wait up to six hours before showering but I tend to apply it at night and sleep with it then shower in the morning. And no it doesn’t leave stains on your sheets either!

Another way to keep your bronzed glow is with a dollop of DEW the HOOLA by BENEFIT. It’s a bronzer in liquid form and I mix some in with my usual foundation or CC cream just to lift my colour a bit. There’s none of that glittery stuff in it either so you won’t end up looking like one of Mariah Carey’s back up dancers! 

My ultimate favourite though is a recent buy and its the Ambient Lighting bronzer by HOURGLASS. Apart from the fact the compact is GOLD it really is the most beautiful looking colour. I was taught by the make-up experts at Mecca to apply it just under my cheek bones, on the outer corners of my forehead and a few sweeps from under my neck to my chin – which will ensure your makeup doesn’t look like it stops at your jaw line. Always carry your make up, powder and bronzers down low into your décolletage. 

Hope you found these products helpful! If all else fails and you want to hold onto your summer tan desperately you can always click here and book yourselves a trip to the Greek Islands! See you there!

Love Chrystal x

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