Blow Kisses Not Coke – An LA Story!

Blow Kisses Not Coke – An LA Story!

Last year while on holidays in Los Angeles I found myself in one of those little boutiques in Little Armenia where everything on the racks seemed to speak to me. The store was a little vintage and a little rock and roll. The owners were a gorgeous couple that had just had a baby and we got to chatting about motherhood and how quickly time flies when you have kids.

As we were chatting a dress caught my eye and I had to excuse myself from the conversation to go and pick it up. It was a t-shirt dress that was sort of spider-webby at the back and sleeves with a big gold foil statement on the front.



Anyone who knows me knows I love black and I love gold. Spider webs not so much but I could make an exception in this case. I was egged on by hubby and kids and the owners to go try it on. So I did.

I wore it over my black jeans and singlet and I must admit I kind of dug the way it looked on. Admittedly though what I was probably loving even more was where I was. As I looked out the shop window I could see the Hollywood Hills bathed in the gorgeous orange glow of sunset. Palm trees dotted as far as the eye could see and the sweet smell of Persian delights were wafting through the door. I was definitely having a little LA moment so I didn’t need much convincing to purchase my LA dress!

After much encouragement and “wow’s” from everyone in the store I nodded my head and said- yep I’ll take it! I could just picture myself back in Melbourne wearing it to my next girl’s night dinner or on a date with the man.

So with the dress happily swinging in a brown paper bag in my hand we set off to have dinner at the Kardashian’s favourite haunt Carousel. Don’t be fooled- it sounds like it’s a swanky type of establishment but it was just a local eatery in a carpark off Hollywood Boulevard. Understated and delicious I might add (nothing like the family itself!)

Fast forward a few months and I was back home and sharing my purchases with friends and family. I excitedly went inside my room and put on my BLOW dress waiting to surprise everyone with it’s amazingness.

Oh, they were surprised alright! Surprised that I had actually paid money for it and was wearing it outside of Halloween!

I was confused? I looked at my reflection in the mirror and suddenly it looked nothing like it did in LA! Why? Had my tan faded? Was the lighting different in California? Had I eaten one too many In-N-Out burgers? Who knows?!

What I do know is that ‘holiday purchases’ should sometimes stay on holidays. While the clothing we buy overseas probably looks amazing on at the time it somehow doesn’t translate to your normal everyday life back home.

So my BLOW KISSES dress now hangs happily behind my door and every time I look at it I giggle and remember exactly how I felt standing in that tiny store in Little Armenia that time in LA…

Have you ever had an unfortunate holiday purchase? What was it? Was it as ‘out there’ as the Griswald’s infamous Rome shopping spree in National Lampoon’s vacation?!



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