As we transition into the cooler months here in the southern hemisphere boots are slowly reemerging from the back of our wardrobes and onto our feet! Ready to see us through another season with warmth, style and comfort.

Personally I’m a huge fan of any boot- especially an ankle style. They truly are the most versatile piece of footwear you can own. A great ankle boot gives a certain punch to an outfit that may otherwise have been quite bland. I especially love the ankle boot with dresses or skinny jeans. Like so…

This season’s must have boot is the ‘sock boot’ which thanks to Kanye West was everywhere during fall 2016. Mr. Kardashian West released his Yeezy version which thanks to the many members in his family, flooded social media feeds worldwide.

The Yeezy Boot

The best way to describe them is like wearing a tight sock over a pair of heels. Which I’m pretty sure is where Kanye got his inspiration from. Remember the shoes in Flashdance? Yep, something like this…

What the sock boot does, is it gives a smooth silhouette to the leg and will usually mould to fit on most body sizes.

If you’re looking to introduce the sock boot into your wardrobes this winter here are some of my favourites and where to buy them.


                                       The SENSO cube heel boot

The SENSO cube heel boot in magenta

The SANDLER Universe boot

The MIMCO Parklane boot


The TONY BIANCO Alaia boot

The TONY BIANCO Diddystrech boot

The MIMCO Turret over-the-knee boot

And for those of you that are crafty and/or thrifty you may want to try these DIY boots at home with a pair of heels and some tight socks. Check it…

What do you think? Would you give the sock-boot a go this season? Or have you already purchased a pair?

Let me know what you think.

Love Chrystal x

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