Today I’m sharing a little tip with you that may help with SCO – Sudden Cold Onset! There will a come a time during the year when you realise it’s time to pull out the coats and leg warmers and stop pretending you’re warm enough in your shorts and Birkenstocks. You’re not! Also, what’s with wearing thongs with puffer jackets people? Are you hot or cold? Cause please don’t be complaining about how freezing it is when you’re still wearing your Havianas – let it go and put some proper footwear on.

So, here’s my little tip. Buy your winter coats BEFORE winter! That way you won’t be left out in the cold (God I crack myself up) when the sun is no longer shining.

I did just that a few months ago and now I have two new amazing options for when the weather turns.

First cab off the rank is a gorgeous long black coat from the Carine Roitfeld and Uniqlo collaboration. Who doesn’t love a good collab? When it’s done right you can pick yourself  up some amazing pieces at a fraction of the designer cost. The coat was from the fall-winter 2016 season, which as the collection says  “includes Roitfeld’s signature Parisian chic style as well as Uniqlo’s everyday aesthetic. The designs were made by the French style star and Uniqlo design director Naoki Takizawa. Three key concepts are featured in the range—faux fur, tailored outerwear in addition to the contrast of masculine and feminine fashion. ”

The range is no longer available at Uniqlo- apologies- but you may be able to pick something up from Ebay. When I first tried the coat on last Spring I fell in love with it but at $200 it wasn’t at the ‘right’ price for me to purchase. Plus it was a nice sunny day and at the time buying sunnies seemed much more pressing.

So three weeks later the collection went on sale and I picked up this snug-as -a-bug coat for $99!! With free postage!


I love it so much and it’s one of those coats that looks better on. Plus it’s like being enveloped inyour favourite giant teddy bear- it’s that comforting! Here it is below in the leopard print (with a slightly different cut)  which was my second choice- except I already have two similar jackets in my possession.leaopard


My second purchase was definitely a splurge but I like to think of it as an investment piece and one that I will continue to wear until I can pass it down to an offspring – which may be sooner rather than later at the rate they’re both growing.

The Elka Collective Carrie biker jacket is pure heaven to wear. It’s made of the softest lamb-skin leather and sits perfectly on the hips. It doesn’t have a gazillion buttons and zips like some jackets do either. I went down a size to a 10-  I normally get my jackets in a 12 cause I like the oversized look- but the Elka range feels a bit roomier.


The description on the website reads: Biker jacket made from a premium pebbled lambs leather with an amazing soft feel. Jacket has all the details you would expect, with quality zippers, three pockets, zip open cuffs, snap collar and lapel and back armhole gussets for easy movement.

This one retails for $599 and while it sounds like a big outlay you are guaranteed to wear it with everything! I even threw it over my gym clothes to meet some friends for coffee the other day and it looked fab! I know – how cliche…

So what do you think of my winter buys? Have you purchased any warm coats or jackets yet? Please share – I could always do with a couple more!

Love Chrystal x



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