Fashion Friday – What We Really Want For Mother’s Day!

Fashion Friday – What We Really Want For Mother’s Day!

As Mother’s Day approaches here in Oz I thought it would be a good opportunity to collate some gift ideas that perhaps your little ones or hubby may not have thought of.

Because although we all love scented candles and cups with I LOVE MUM emblazoned on the front sometimes it’s nice to receive something a little different!

Now don’t get me wrong- as mums we can all agree that there’s nothing more special than those home made cards we get from our offspring and those adorable presents they bring home from the school Mother’s Day Stall – but this post isn’t about that.

This is a wish list of what MUMS REALLY WANT! (ie. what I really want).

The STATUS ANXIETY Gwyneth clutch – $139.95

The TONY BIANCO Aseki ankle boot – $239.95

SLIM AARONS Women – $80.75

CELINE Radical Sunnies – $569.00

A coffee machine from the SMEG and DOLCE and GABBANA collaboration out in October!

Any type of Nike AIR MAX as long as they’re black. Or black and gold. Or white. Or white and gold. Or just gold.


What do you think mummies? Do you have anything else to add to the wishlist?

Happy Mother’s Day you amazing women- none of us would be here withou you! Mwah!

Love Chrystal x

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