School Run Styling Tips From Sarah Jessica Parker!

School Run Styling Tips From Sarah Jessica Parker!

When it comes to fashion icons one of my all time favourites has to be Sarah Jessica Parker– AKA Carrie Bradshaw– AKA wifey of Ferris Bueller – AKA Matthew Broderick!

While Sarah’s style may not be for everyone, you can’t deny her ability to make an outfit look polished and pulled together with an air of New York ease only a few celebrities possess- Olivia Palermo is the other one that comes to mind. They exude sophistication with a hint of quirky and are always on point!

Sarah and Matthew are parents to three adorable kids- James, 15 and twin girls Marion and Loretta, 8 who were born via surrogate in 2009. Since becoming a fellow MOT (mother of twins) I’ve followed Sarah’s street style and school pick up and drop off outfits like an eagle! I’m obsessed with seeing photos of her walking down the wide paths of New York city and using them like some kind of urban runway!

I’ve collated a few of my favourite SJP school drop off looks so we can dissect them together. And you know what I really love about her style? It’s so easy to replicate using items in your own wardrobe and tweaking them to give that Carrie New York look that Sarah does so well!

The first thing you’ll notice is that Sarah loves her jeans and she wears them distressed and not too tight fitting. But there’s one thing she does that instantly gives her the cool factor. Can you pick what it is?

She rolls up the cuff of her pants nearly every time! By leaving a slight gap between her shoes and the hem of her jeans it somehow gives off the illusion that she’s much taller than she is. Which is weird because normally doing that will cut off your leg and make you look stumpy. But not in this case.

It instantly updates her look and makes it edgy and on trend.

See, rolled up jeans! How easy is that to try at home?!

Next up is the tousled hair. It literally looks like she’s rolled out of bed, run her fingers through that gorgeous mane and out the door. Of course we all know that’s probably not the case but I love that gypsy/boho look she rocks so well. So maybe you too can save some time in the morning and put away that hair straightener and let you locks run free!

(Also please note the Swedish Hasbeen clogs – SJP has stacks of them and they add instant cool factor to her outfits. Plus they are super comfortable to wear!)

The cross-body bag is another favourite that Sarah is rarely seen without. The reason? Cause it frees up her hands to hold her gorgeous girl’s hands that’s why!

I love this look on her so much!! Fresh hair, killer sunnies, relaxed tee, faded jeans (rolled up) and sandals. We all have something like this at home and look how comfortable it looks. Sure that designer bag absolutely makes the outfit but you can just as easily pick up a similar one in a high street shop.

Sunnies? Check. Cross body bag? Check. Cool hat used as a disguise but actually draws attention to you? Check.

I love the combination of converse sneakers, skinny jeans and biker jacket here. It’s the ultimate off duty model look and one you can easily do at home.

I can hardly deal with this outfit! As soon as SJP puts on a pair of heels with her jeans she absolutely smashes it! What would’ve been an otherwise mundane outfit has just been given that wow factor with a stylish ankle boot! Note again the rolling up off the cuff- it’s all about drawing attention down to those shoes!

The perfect colour of hair here is second only to that phenomenal coat! Perfection! Again her jeans are slightly distressed and rolled up. So easy guys- we can do this too!

So here are the Sarah Jessica Parker top 5 fashion tips to absolute slay the school pick up and drop off…

  1. Invest in some amazing sunglasses and wear them ALL the time.
  2. Play around with some distressed denim jeans- whether its a slight hole, frayed pockets or a tear at the knee.
  3. Roll up your jeans slightly to expose your ankles.
  4. Tuck in your t-shirts and jumpers.
  5. Play around with a hairstyle that suits you and make it your signature- whether it’s natural and tousled or a sleek ponytail. Find it and own it!

What do you think? Do you love SJP’s style as much as I do? I seriously don’t know of any-one else that can do the school run with as much fashion know-how as our girl Carrie!

Love Chrystal x



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