Fashion Friday – The Ultimate Root Blur!

One of the banes of my existence (apart from trying to make the perfect poached egg) has to be the ever present grey hairs that made their appearance into my life very early on. In fact I think I found my first grey hair in my early 20’s and have had to continue dyeing my locks ever since.

While going white can be linked to stress it’s usually a hereditary problem- so if your parents had grey hair early on chances are you will too. Hey, thanks mum!

My hair is usually dark and I’ve only recently experimented with lighter shades which I think are more complimentary to my skin tone. My base colour though is still quite dark so the ever present white hairs make their appearance every few weeks and let’s just say they are not met with screams of joy!

Between salon appointments (I’ve given up trying to dye my own roots, cause I suck at it) I discovered a miracle product that lets me extend the life of my colour.

It’s called ROOT BLUR by John Frieda and it’s basically a powder you brush into your roots to hide the greys.  It comes in four shades- I use the Chestnut To Espresso- and is super cheap (under $20) and easy to use.


It comes with a little brush that you use which I have to say is the only crappy thing about it. I find it too small to cover a lot of area quickly. I prefer to use a larger make-up brush as it’s quicker and more effective.


The photo above is from John Frieda and I don’t recommend you leave your roots unattended for that long! Root Blur isn’t designed to cover SO much grey. It’s more suited when your regrowth is just a finger width’s worth.


I use it after I’ve washed, blow dried and straightened my hair. I just brush it on the part line where the greys are more obvious and away I go.

The beauty of this product is that it won’t come off on clothes or pillow cases and will pretty much stay put until next time you wash your hair.

The other way I use it is when I put my hair up in a pony tail. I brush it along my hair line to not only cover greys but to fill in the gaps where you can see my scalp.

It truly is a wonder product and no, John Frieda is not paying me to say so! Get onto it. click here for all the details.

Love Chrystal




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