European Vacation 2017

Greetings lovers! This blog post is bought to you by a very jet lagged mum of two who is holding onto that invigorating feeling of the european sun on her skin as she sits shivering in front of the heater in her Melbourne home.

Yep. I’ve just returned from a two month long vacay with the family and lets just say I’m having trouble adjusting to the glorious winter weather down south. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way complaining I’m simply stating the facts. I’d rather be at the beach. Especially when the beach Im referring to looks like this…


Yes, that’s a real photo of Fig Tree Bay in Cyprus. No filter no photo shop no nothing. Just crystal clear water as far as the eye can see.



Don’t worry I’m not here to bore you with endless photos of pristine beaches and glorious sunsets and divine food…

What I thought I would share with you was how I managed to pack for two months with just one suitcase. For a family of four, we managed to take just the one suitcase and three carry ons. The boys had a back pack each which had their shorts and t-shirts in. Hubby had his own back pack which had ALL his stuff in there, even shoes and I was left with the suitcase for everything else- ie. my stuff, toiletries, bathers etc.

Let me begin by saying the holiday was for two months to Greece, Cyprus and Italy and I knew the weather was going to be steady and hot the whole time. I mean it isn’t Melbourne- there’s no 4 seasons in one day nonsense.

I have to say that the bulk of my weight in my suitcase did in fact come from my cosmetics. I took my own shampoos, conditioners (poured them into travel size bottles) cleanser, moisturiser, make up etc. One thing I do regret taking was my mini hairdryer and hair straightener as I only used them twice the whole trip. My hair is usually blow dried and straightened each time I wash it but I found myself either wearing it in a top knot, braids or just leaving it naturally curly. I was pretty much swimming every day so there was no point styling it.

I did however get a blow dry a few times in Athens which set me back a measly 10 Euro! If only it was that affordable back home- I’d do it every week!

As you probably know I dye my hair every 5-6 weeks as I have a lot of greys so I took some John Frieda Root Blur to help me through but I found my hair grew super fast and I ended up doing root touch ups twice at a salon in Greece. It cost me 25 Euro including a wash and blow wave. Insane.

Au Naturale hair


Packing for summer is much easier than packing for winter believe me. Here’s a run down of all the clothes I took. Keep in mind, mine was a family holiday with two kids- so there was no need for high heels and night club wear. That was a very different holiday a very long time ago!

  • 4 pairs of shorts (2 denim, 2 black)
  • 2 pairs of jeans (denim and black)
  • 5 t-shirts (white, black, grey, striped)
  • 5 singlets (all black)
  • 2 pencil skirts (black and grey)

By keeping all my clothes in neutral colours it was super easy to mix and match. Also anything black can instantly be dressed up for evening too. I did the same with the boy’s clothing too. All their t-shirts were either black, white or grey with one or two coloured polos for dressing up.

  • 3 dresses (1 white, 1 black 1 striped)
  • 2 jumpsuits (only wore one, left one behind)
  • 2 bikinis 1 onepiece 1 rashie
  • 4 pairs of shoes (runners, sandals, slides and lace ups- I left the slides in Greece but came back with extra shoes that I bought. I’ll share those next time!)
  • 1 sarong
  • 2 hats (straw hat and cap)
  • 1 denim jacket (wore it once in Santorini)
  • 1 nightie

Being Summer I would wash undies, bras and singlets in the basin every few days and they’d be dry by morning. I found a great washing liquid (see below) from chemist warehouse that I took with me that practically weighed nothing and cleaned clothes beautifully. I highly recommend it.


As far as bags go I took one carry on in my suitcase which also doubled as a beach bag. I took one clutch which was basically flat when empty and I bought a leather back pack as soon as we got to Athens which I used as my daily hand bag throughout the trip. Too easy!

White dress over bikini and gold slides.

I didn’t pack any beach towels with me as all the places we stayed at (except one) had their own pool/beach towels we could use. In Santorini there were no towels at our bed and breakfast so I just bought a couple of cheap touristy ones that I ended up leaving behind.

Daily outfit- shorts/tshirt/kicks or sandals.

There you have it. Have I forgotten anything? Probably. Let me know if you have any questions or comments you’d like to make about packing for a holiday, or if you just want to see more of my holiday pics (which lucky for you are all available on my insta)!

Here’s one more of the beautiful concrete jungle otherwise known as Athina! I love the crazy energy it exudes- it’s the perfect balance of chaos and beauty.

Love Chrystal x




  1. Jim Antonopoulos

    Great post!

    Welcome back beautiful people x

    *Jim Antonopoulos* β€”

    Director, Strategy & Development at Tank

    Author at Strategy Masterclass

    2017-08-07 01:46:58 +0000 love chrystal :

    > LoveChrystal posted: “Greetings lovers! This blog post is bought to you by > a very jet lagged mum of two who is holding onto that invigorating feeling > of the european sun on her skin as she sits shivering in front of the > heater in her Melbourne home. Yep. I’ve just returned fr” >

  2. karina dea

    I wish I checked with you before we left, we took too much!! I hope you will post more about the trip, I love hearing your experiences. Karina x

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