6 Tips To Help You Deal With Post Holiday Blues

People say there is nothing as annoying as someone who has just returned from a summer holiday. I say summer holiday because it’s a certain kind of ‘special’ that differs greatly from a winter one.

For one, you’re probably still high from that sudden boost of Vitamin D  and 2 you’re probably sporting a killer tan which seems to make everything better!

So by now you know I’ve had the best time travelling through Greece and Cyprus and I’ve bored you no end with all my photos but I’ve now come back home to Melbourne which as I speak is grey, cold and raining.

I’m holding onto those memories of lying on a sun lounge sipping my Aperol Spritz while watching my boys frolic in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean…*sigh*

And I thought to myself, why not make a list of ways to help victims of PHSD (post holiday stress disorder) deal with their return home from a vacation.

So here they are, in no particular order:

    When you return from your holidays the best way to keep the magic alive is to talk about it. If you went with your family discuss with them what you did and where you went. Recall funny moments and share experiences that bonded you. Look back at photos and remember how you felt when it was taken. People may not ask you ‘how was your holiday’ but don’t let that stop you. TELL THEM! If you have to listen to people’s 10 minute monologue on how excited they are about delivery of their new lounge suite then they sure as hell can listen to a few minutes about your trip as well.
    One of the best parts about returning from a holiday is unpacking all the little knick knacks and souvenirs you bought. For me it was a whole lot of ‘evil eyes’, fridge magnets and hand made jewellery. Put your stuff up around the house. Wear those new shoes and earrings. Don’t save them for a special occasion. And I guarantee you every time you catch a sight of something you will remember the exact moment you bought it and exactly how you felt!

    Modern technology is great and all but have you noticed how we never print photos anymore? No one actually has real photo albums to flick through. Everything is online. And while its great having Instagram as a visual diary of your trip there’s nothing that can replace a real photo framed on the wall. Choose a couple of your favourites to print and enlarge and use them as art around your house.
    One thing I love about travelling through Greece especially is the food. The cuisine is definitely second to none. We were fortunate enough to enjoy some of the best yet simplest meals we’ve ever had. Everything was fresh and locally sourced. One of my favourite meals was ‘horta’ (chicory or wild greens) sardines and zucchini fritters. So now that we’re back I’ve pledged to try out some of those recipes here at home. I know they won’t taste the same- but hey I can try!

    Whether it’s next year or in 5 years plan your next vacation. It may be just a simple weekend away or another trip overseas revisiting some of your favourite places but whatever the case may be, you always feel slightly better knowing there’s another trip to look forward to.

    Anyone who has ever come back from a Euro holiday knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. A tan suddenly makes all your clothes look better. your hair colour sits right and you definitely feel thinner! Utilise that shiz while you can before you fade right back. Wear clothes that compliment your tan, play with make up colours and wear all that Eurotrash fashion you bought and only have a brief window to show off!
    Have you just returned from an amazing holiday? How did you cope? Please tell me your ways!
    Love Chrystal x


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