5 Quick And Easy Ways To Always Look Put Together!

Before I begin this post let me start off by saying I don’t claim to be an uber stylist or fashion aficionado by any stretch of the imagination! I’m just a simple gal running around doing my thing the best I can.

What I do know, is what suits my body type and what I have no hell in ever pulling off- ie. dresses with a waistband! Since having kids my waist has practically disappeared and no amount of cinching or belt wearing will ever bring it back, Heck I’ve even jumped on the waist trainer band wagon only to discover that ‘yes breathing is more important than having a slim waist!’

What I want to share with you today are a few tips I think help make us women look a bit more polished and pulled together. They’re simple and surprisingly effective!

1. Roll up the cuff of your pants slightly.

This tip is probably the easiest to do and makes your outfit look instantly smarter. If you’re used to having your pants touching your shoe or even hanging over your boot it may take a bit of adjusting but trust me – you will love the look once you try it.Β 

It works with any type of shoe- flat, heel or boot. It doesn’t have to be a big roll. Just enough to show a bit of ankle or skin.

2. Tuck in your t-shirts

If you’re anything like me and have tummy issues (i.e. I go to bed dreaming of a six pack only to wake up and have cheese toasties for breakfast) then here’s a tip that may surprise you. Sometimes we think leaving our t-shirts hanging will hide everything and make us look slimmer. In my case I’ve found it’s the complete opposite. (It may have to do with the fact I have a larger bust so anything free flowing just makes me look pregnant.) You’ll find that giving your t-shirts a little tuck in- either all the way around or just a bit at the front or the side, will help to give you a bit of shape and elongate your legs.

3. Sunglasses, hat and a ponytail

This is pretty self explanatory and one I have used on many occasions! Why do you think so many celebrities rock this look? It hides a multitude of Β sins- unwashed hair, puffy eyes and root regrowth! In 3 easy steps they’re all momentarily banished until you can get your shit together again. Throw on some lip gloss for extra glam and you’ll have people wondering who that hottie is in no time!

4. Always choose black

Please ignore this point if you love colour and would never be caught dead in black. But for the rest of us, always go for the black when choosing between colours – especially if it’s in a cheaper fabric. Black will look more expensive on and lets face it, it’s more slimming than being decked out in all white.

Some key items to have in your wardrobe are a couple of black t-shirts to mix and match. A great pair of black jeans that you feel amazing in. A blazer that you can chuck on over t-shirts and jeans to look instantly dressed up. A black leather biker jacket to toughen up any look. A t-shirt dress in black that you can layer over leggings and of course in my case the perfect pair of black trainers!

5. Lipstick!

Self explanatory really! A coat of lipstick will instantly make you look and feel better! Even if you’re wearing your sweats while out grocery shopping try putting on some lippie and see how your mood will instantly lift! Toss your hair up in a messy bun and – shazam- instant glam!

Hope you found some of these tips helpful. Pulling a look together doesn’t mean being a victim to fashion or feeling the need to copy current trends. Find something that makes you feel good about yourself. Whether it’s accentuating your gorgeous green eyes or showing off your killer legs. Play up your best feature- and if you’re not sure what that is just ask your bestie! They’ll always tell you,

Love, Chrystal x



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