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Fashion Trends Women Love That (Most) Men Hate!

Fashion Trends Women Love But (Most) Men Hate

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend we get all dressed up for the opposite sex. To them every pair of jeans we put on look the same and I can guarantee you they couldn’t care less how ‘on fleek’ our highlighter is or how perfect our hair is sitting today!

We dress up, fix our hair, put on make up, do our nails and wear the latest trends for each other!! Am I right girls? I for one always look to other women for fashion inspiration. Whether it’ s the Gorman wearing mum at school drop off or the Adidas clad girl at my local coffee shop, I take note of every little detail and give them a little nod of approval when I like what I see.

“Loving those slides with your harem pants!”

“Girl, that new fringe really suits you!”

“Where’s your bag from? I LOVE it!”

“Is your jacket current season Zara? It’s stunning!”

All comments women say to each other. We notice things. We comment on whether your hair looks lighter. Your lashes look longer or if you’ve lost some weight. We love the way you contour your cheekbones and highlight your forehead. Nothing goes unnoticed or unappreciated! We know you put effort into that shiz sister and we high five you for it!!

Which brings me to the subject of fashion trends that (most) men definitely don’t get and don’t like. In fact the only reason we dress like this is because WE love it and so do our girlfriends!


I can’t remember exactly when this became a thing but it most definitely is and it’s here to stay. The top knot can be worn in so many ways! Pull your hair up into a messy bun, whack on some hoops and a sweep of bronzer and you’re ready for anything. Likewise you can tidy it up a bit and pull it tighter and neater into a high top knot for a more sophisticated look. Either way it’s excellent for disguising oily roots or dealing with a bad hair day. I love to spray a bit of dry shampoo into my roots first just to give the hair a bit of volume. Pull out your baby hairs along the hair line and voila you’re good to go!



    These pants are God’s gift to mankind and I will not be swayed to think otherwise. Do they make us look like we’ve pooped our pants? Yep! Do we look like overgrown toddlers? YEP! Does MC Hammer want his look back? Probably! But you know what? These pants are the best to make you feel and look slimmer. They disguise thunder thighs and troublesome tummies. Wear them with sneakers and a tank for a casual look or dress them up with heels and a shirt. Women love them!! Men…not so much!


Slides or beach shoes as they’re called in Europe are just ugly. There really is no way around it. They make your feet look wider and longer than they really are but women love them! Look we know how ridiculous they look with our leggings but its’ fashion and we’re sticking to our guns. And yes, we may even occasionally wear them with socks. Sorry.


These heels border on looking like orthopaedic shoes. They create bulk for your foot and do nothing to elongate the leg. The wedge heel is a summer staple for most women that want the height without having to teeter around on heels. Women get the wedge heel. We know how amazing they feel on and we love the way they look teamed with summer dresses or capri pants,


Otherwise known as the ‘mum jean,’ high waisted pants are the best fashion comeback we’ve had in a long time! Look I lived through the hipster jeans phase which saw the unnecessary display of many muffin tops and butt cracks. Everywhere you turned was another G on display or a torso trying desperately to stay within the confines of a waistband. But high waisted pants are the complete opposite! They tuck everything in and create a smooth silhouette for any look. While yes, they can make you butt look big the plus size is your tummy feels flatter! And I can tell you after having a couple of kids who doesn’t need that? I for one LOVE LOVE high waisted pants – or skirts- and will continue wearing them for ever!

What’s a fashion trend you absolutely love that you know your partner probably despises?


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