An Open Letter To Kim Kardashian West

Dear Kim,

Hope this letter finds you well. Firstly let me begin by saying congratulations on the birth of your third child- Chicago West – may she bring a lifetime of joy to you and your whole family. As a mum of three now, I’m guessing life just got a little crazier for you. Or has it?

You see it’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on in your head at the moment. The reason for my confusion is your Instagram account, more specifically this pic…

Now before I go on let me say I am a huge supporter of women and their right to do whatever they damn well please. I have never judged you or any of your family for any of the choices you’ve made in the past.

Sex videos, nude shoots, wearing high heels with sweat pants- I promise you I’m here for it all sister. I am not here to hate on your right to express yourself however the hell you want.

I’m not one of those closet fans either Kim. You know the ones that pretend they hate you in public but secretly follow your every move in the privacy of their home. The ones who claim their ‘above’ all the trash that comes along with your family yet try their best to dress like you. Anyway, I digress.

And let me be very clear- just because you’re a mum I do not for one second think you need to start ‘acting’ or dressing in a particular way. But here’s what I do think.

I think you’re an incredible business woman who is very calculated in all her decisions. You’ve built an empire that ensures your kids will be very well looked after. You know exactly what your audience wants to see and you deliver every single time.

I believe you love your children more than anything in the world and I don’t for one second buy into the talk that you’re simply having them ‘for publicity’ or ‘to keep the Kardashians going.’

In fact after your robbery in Paris I was horrified to hear the amount of abuse you endured from people saying ‘you deserved to die’ and ‘they should’ve shot you when they had the chance.’ Regardless of who you are you are still someone’s wife, mother sister and friend.

Following the robbery I must admit I felt a slight shift in you and was secretly happy to see you retreat from the public eye for a while. When you emerged again we all thought it was the new you- a Kim that had done some soul searching and realised that perhaps she had taken things a bit far. Too flashy, too many photos, too too much.

The photos that appeared on Instagram following Paris were beautiful. They were of family. No selfies, just candid shots of your kids and Kanye. And yes, while I know they were staged and set up I still loved them.

I loved seeing you step back a bit so we could appreciate your beauty from afar rather than the ‘in your face’ version we had been accustomed to.

Which brings me to why I felt compelled to write to you Kim. Upon opening Instagram today I saw the photo above of you flashing your breast.

I’m kind of confused and disappointed that you’re heading back down this path of saturating your social media with topless pics of yourself. You did the same after those ‘fat photos’ of you emerged while you were holidaying in Miami or Mexico or wherever you were. You felt the need to show the world that that’s not really how you look. That the cellulite wasn’t real. That you don’t really look like that.

So what’s prompted all these Kim? Has someone said your body was less than perfect. Cause it’s not. You have an amazing figure and whether or not you’ve been surgically enhanced doesn’t even matter. You look amazing pretty much 99% of the time. Especially with your clothes on.

You don’t need to keep sharing photos of yourself naked on a bed, or topless in the mirror, or from the back wearing a thong. You have two girls that look up to you and will emulate you in every conceivable way.

I don’t expect you to stop taking sexy selfies but next time you do, just think about the narrative that goes with it. And while I’m conflicted in saying this, cause I will always support a woman’s right to do whatever they want, I do wish you would try harder to dispel the belief that you’re nothing more than a pair of boobs and a big butt. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand up for you and support you against the onslaught of haters that call you the Kartrashians.

I want a better narrative from you. We already know you’re sexy as hell, we know you’re a trend setter and influencer. You’re not one dimensional Kim so please stop presenting yourself as such.

Now, to more important things, Can you please tell me what the hell is going on with Kylie? The suspense is killing me. Is she actually pregnant? Has she just put on weight? Was she your surrogate? What?? I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Thanks for reading.

Love Chrystal ย x


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