My Athens!


Today’s piece comes to you from one of my favourite cities in the world and a place that my family and I will be calling home for the next 3 months.

Athens…or Athina as the Greeks call it, is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world. Home to some of the most significant architectural structures in the world and the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and some will say Western Civilisation itself.

To me Athens is all about life and vibrancy. It’s a city that in recent years has seen huge changes- both economically and spiritually. And while it’s people have suffered through the heartache of a crippling financial crisis, modern Athens is emerging out of the ashes like the gorgeous phoenix she is.


My husband has been based in Athens recently, which has seen him leave our home in Melbourne to commute back and forth between the two cities. In the last few years we’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend the Greek summers over here and this year we’ve relocated to Athens for three months to spend time together as a family!

We’ve pulled our 12 year old boys out of school and are embarking one one of the most exciting chapters of our lives. I remember my parents doing the exact same thing with my sister and I when we were still at school and the experience remains one of the highlights of both of our lives.

We want to give our boys the same opportunity to immerse themselves in a city and country that they belong to. A place where they can practice their Greek and further expand their knowledge on one of the most important cities of both the ancient and modern world.

If you want to follow our adventures head over to my Instagram (Chrystalovesathens) which I hope to upload with lots of photos and stories of our time here.

Filia (kisses) from all of us.

Love, Chrystal









  1. Susan Davies

    Thank you!! We look forward to hearing about your adventures!! Stay safe and know that we are thinking of you all, the fun you are having and the warmth you are feeling!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸŒžoh and the food of course!. Can I request some ‘everyday’ photos? What does the inside of a greek supermarket look like? And interesting veg or meat that is not the norm over here? Everyday stuff that may be different from what we have here… only if you get a chance of course!! Oxox Sue

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