How To Thrive And Not Just Survive A Pandemic

How To Thrive And Not JuSt Survive A Pandemic!

Today is April Fool’s Day and there’s a meme doing the rounds on social media saying “April Fool’s Day is cancelled this year cause no made up prank could match the unbelievable shit going on in the world right now,”

Ain’t that the truth! The world is currently in the grips of a massive pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen before. Entire countries are in lockdown and there’s been such a huge loss of life that at times my brain struggles to comprehend the numbers. We’ve had to self isolate, close our schools. our parks, work from home and line up at the supermarket only to be let in and find shelves void of necessities such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Even as I recall all these moments we’ve lived through and will continue to experience I can’t quite believe it’s real.

This post isn’t about what Covid-19 is and how it’s affecting us – you can just hit google to find all your stats and info – this post is about sharing some simple ways of finding solace amongst the chaos.

Everyone’s situation is different during this pandemic so let me give you a little insight into mine at the moment. I’ve been working from home for the last 13 years so I’m used to being in the confines of my house. In fact, I’m a notorious homebody and love nothing more than spending days at home with the family just cooking and being together, I’m also an extroverted introvert which means that although I love socialising I tire of being in social settings quite quickly and will look for ways to escape back to the comforts of home.

So far it sounds like I’m made for self isolation doesn’t it? Now add a husband to the mix who is also working full time from home and two teenage sons who are entering their 3rd week of being in lockdown and suddenly things are looking a little different.

This photo is to remind us all to back away from the scissors during isolation.


Don’t get me wrong. I am loving having my little tribe around me all the time. We’ve managed to fall into a comfortable hum of normality amongst this highly abnormal situation we find ourselves in. We’re walking more, talking more and discovering just how little we need to function and be happy.

(Let me just add here, that although I can cope with lining up at the supermarket to buy toilet paper if the internet was ever to go down it would be all bets off- I WILL lose my shit AND my sanity!)

I read this great piece the other day of how we can learn something from this experience instead of just survive it. Now let me tell you, I’ve read a bunch of stuff online on dealing with lock down and how to stay sane homeschooling the kids but frankly, after a couple of paragraphs I tune out and head straight for the alcohol cupboard.

But this piece was different. It was simple and put things into perspective beautifully. All it said was ‘write down 5 things you miss or wish you could do, now that you’re in isolation.’

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Go on, try it. Write down anything you miss. It could be as simple as going out for ice cream or attending your pilates class. Whatever. Just write down what you miss at this very point in time.

Now put it somewhere safe. Not with the gin cause chances are you’ll be hitting that up more often than you thought!

When this pandemic is over, and it will be over, I want you to pull out that list and read it back to yourself. Cause now that you can do those 5 things you missed while in isolation, you’ll hopefully never take them for granted again. Hopefully.

Wouldn’t it be great if through this adversity we all came out a little more appreciative, a little more tolerant and a little more grateful for all we have in life? Wouldn’t it make this whole experience so much more meaningful? I think so. And if nothing else, let this be a lesson in not judging others until we’ve walked in their shoes. Cause if memory serves me correct, we’re all very quick to judge those who flee their homes for a safer tomorrow. Never again will we look at them and wonder how or why they do the things they do. Let’s not forget that we too, fought each other to secure another packet of toilet paper for our family, or another box of pasta to feed our kids. Never forget that.

Stay well. Stay safe and let me know which 5 things you’re missing the most.

Love, Chrystal







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